Would you still have gotten into fish keeping?

Would you still have gotten into fish keeping?

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Since I started posting I've noticed a lot of posts from newbies looking for help with their new aquariums (myself included). A lot of LFS/LPS's don't seem to ask potential customers if they're aware of the nitrogen cycle, and I think that may be because they're interested in making a sale over the health of the fish. I was curious how many of you, who didn't know anything about the nitrogen cycle before starting, would've still gotten into fish keeping if you were told you would need to cycle a tank which could take weeks or longer. Personally, I probably still would have.
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I have always done fish in cycles. I couldn't look at an empty tank long enough to cycle it.
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At the start of my fish keeping, I did not know about the Nitrogen Cycle at all, but then I have had a look online about it, as I have been getting ammonia spikes, some time later about the research I finally fully cycled the tank I still kept my fish no matter what. Now, I have a 31 gallon tank.
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As I learned a lot from my dad I can't imagine not knowing about the cycle (and other basics). But I also know the hobby has changed massively since the nineties and has become so much more commercialized. Back in the day you bought a tank and the lfs employee told you immediately he would only sell you fish 2-4 weeks later at a minimum.
But they would also know that there wouldn't be many other stores that would sell you fish no questions asked.
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When I got into it the nitrogen cycle didn't exist. Testing was a yellow roll of PH strip.
You started with a fish and waited a few weeks before adding more. If the fish died you replaced it.
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I started this pastime in the early 1970's when the cycle really was not an issue and the fish were significantly hardier - if less choice available compared to now but then that has become a double edged sword as many hardy soecies have become severely weakened over time

As for the lack of basic knowledge at the chain stores, that really does not surprise me anymore...but it will always make me angry that people are paying good money only to end up having often avoidable problems. That saddens me alot.

A newbie to fishkeeping has to negotiate a far greater and more expensive minefield thesedays...tbh I am not sure I would have started the hobby now as a newby but I know I am glad I did years ago
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If I had been told I would have to go a month or more taking care of a lifeless tank I wouldn't have done so. I would have still gotten into the hobby though. I have always done fish in cycling and if I had to start over again today I would still do so. Fish in cycling takes more work than fishless but in my humble opinion one gets a more natural cycle when the ammonia feeding the bacteria comes from fish instead of from a bottle.

When I got into this hobby many many years ago. I tested for ammonia and the PH. That was it. I didn't know what I was doing had a name. I didn't call it the nitrogen cycle or even cycling a tank. I only knew that bacteria was growing in the tank to take care of the ammonia the fish were producing and I kept it down with water changes. Once I no longer got an ammonia reading I changed out at least half the water each week. I still do that today.

The number of products on the market today to FIX the water is mind boggling. It has to be so confusing for someone just getting into this wonderful hobby. Bacteria in a bottle wasn't a thing or if it was I'd never heard of it. Today every tom, dick and harry has their version of it. The only thing one really needs is a water conditioner and a willingness to change the water as needed. This hobby like so many others has become a huge money grab and our fish often pay the price.
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I have stayed with the hobby. I do the fishless cycle for my tanks, feel like it's a necessary part of it. Do have to say that it can be frustrating sometimes, but I'm now on my 4th tank which is currently cycling. I have been planning this tank for a few months, so waiting a bit longer is okay for me.
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If I knew that cycling a tank was the right way to do it for the health of the fish, it wouldn’t have deterred me at all
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My father kept various fish, I would of followed in his path anyways
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If I had to do it again, I wouldn't. Yeah I know. Before you bash me. I got a new pump and the fish are good. I got a Python to help me change the tank water and clean up the mess my Poop Machines make. I have to have Debbie help me as I just can't handle it by myself. My health has taken a course for the worst. I have hard time walking very far and I am on Oxygen. Even on that I can only go so far in a store before I have to sit and catch my breath. Same for cleaning the tank. I am thinking about giving up the tank. Not sure how. No stores will re house my babys and I haven't found anyone that will take the whole thing. So..I am stuck for now with a beautiful tank of fish and nice tank and stand and filtration. I know I have over $1000.00 invested but I know I can never get that much out of it. It would have to be local folk. Not to sure about the rest of my stuff. I haven't been able to do anything with my train layout. My hands shake to much. I have a hard times with the mouse in games. I saw my heart doctor and he wants to run more tests. The vampires are out there picking my arms to pieces. They are starting to hit on my hands now. My body has turned into a pin cushion! I have right now one lung working. The other one is collapsed. and there is damage to my diaphragm so it isn't working at all. This was all caused by the neck surgery in October. So..that is all I have right now. Sometimes I get on here to view and sometimes I can post like right now. Ya can call me O'le Shakey!!!

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