would this work??

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  1. melovefish

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    i have 30 gallon tank 19in tall 30in long 12 in deep. i want to do live plants 2-3 discus and some tetras.diy wet dry and a bio wheel. is my tank not big enough for 2-3 discus. i guess what im asking is would tht setup work? if you need more info just ask , ill reply or update this. thanks to anyone who replys!! thanks:D
  2. Fashooga

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    In theory it would work...but if it's your first time fish keeping, you might want hold off until your confident enough or have the $$$ to fork over for those guys.
  3. OP

    melovefishValued MemberMember

    fork them over??? do you mean kill them
  4. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    No. :)
    Fork over means to hand over.
  5. Mer-max

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    Yeah they are high. I'm scared to get them without life insurance lol
  6. luke355027355027

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    Really no. For two reasons.
    1. Discus are extremely needy fish and need pristine water conditions therefore they arent good beginner fish. If you do decide to get discus i would do a lot of research on them beforehand.
    2. I believe a 30 gallon is too small for discus.
    3. Is also about the tank discus need pristine water the bigger tank the easier it is to keep the water clean. A minimum tank size for discus is about 55 gallons.
  7. jetajockey

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    This should be in a different section since it's in regard to stocking, that may be why you haven't gotten any responses yet (besides that it's only been a few hours).
    To answer your question, no, discus do not belong in a 30g, it could be doable as a breeders type isolation setup, but as a long term display tank I wouldn't try it. Discus are social and really should be in groups of 4-6 or more, and with water quality being the key issue for them, bigger is better. So I wouldn't even begin to consider them unless you had a 55g or larger to work with.