Would This Work Or Is Just A Crazy Idea?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by ILLBETHEJUDGE, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. ILLBETHEJUDGEValued MemberMember

    Hi everyone and thanks in advance!
    I have a 90 gallon tank which i want to overstock.
    Right now the tank is being filtered by:
    * 2 aquaclear 110
    * 1 sunsun canister hw-304b
    * 1 wet and dry with a 900gph pump and i want to add a 30 gallon barrel to basically make the 90 gallon into a 120.
    Questions are:
    *How many gph the pump for the barrel should be?
    *How to prime the barrel?
    *should the pump be at the top or the bottom or there should be 2 pumps?
    * should i fill the barrel with bio balls?

    all ideas are welcome. 20180414_173117.jpg
  2. DakotablueValued MemberMember

    So do you want to hook up the barrel to the wetdry? In the diagram it looks like it isn't, but you mentioned turning the 90 into a 120 and that's where I got lost...

  3. ILLBETHEJUDGEValued MemberMember

    No the barrel would have an input and output basically like a canister filter and what i meant by turning it in a 120 is that the tank is 90 gallons but i will be adding 30 more with the barrel.

  4. aussieJJDudeWell Known MemberMember

    I would seriously consider drilling the side of the tank for the barrel input. The loss of suction could be disastrous.

    IMO, I would place barrel pump 6 or so inches off the bottom, to allow debris to settle and then using a small tap, drain out all the waste from time to time.

  5. ILLBETHEJUDGEValued MemberMember

    loss of suction? let says power goes out so the water in the barrel won't have enough pressure to return the water to the tank and overfill it since the pump is not working or would it? or the input stops sucking water but the pump continues to work and empties the 30 gallons in the tank?
  6. DakotablueValued MemberMember

    Ahh I gotcha. Just 30 more gallons of tank volume.

    I believe he is referring to losing the input somehow, be it through damage to the barrel or the tubing etc. anything that would allow air in instead of water.

    If you construct things very well though I don't see it being a problem. Since the barrel would be below the water line and input and output are submerged, if the power goes out the water will stay in the barrel. There would be a good amount of pressure in that barrel though so make sure its strong and very well sealed.
  7. ILLBETHEJUDGEValued MemberMember

    thanks. now he got me worried about loosing suction.
  8. DakotablueValued MemberMember

    I know the feeling. I just resealed a tank out of paranoia. Better to plan well now than have 30 gallons of water on the floor!
  9. ILLBETHEJUDGEValued MemberMember

    better safe than sorry in this hobby.
  10. aussieJJDudeWell Known MemberMember

    I meant the siphon, if air gets into it an results in a loss of flow through the input, the pump will empty all that water from the barrel into the aquarium - and the floor.

    Drilling isn't hard - theres a multitude of literature out there on how to do it - and doing so is the best way to go if you run a sump- like the barrel or ready made sump.
  11. ILLBETHEJUDGEValued MemberMember

    drilling is not a problem i have the tools and the know how but now i am worried about losing syphon and the 30 gallons going in to the main tank.
  12. aussieJJDudeWell Known MemberMember

    With drilling, this almost reduces the chance of this happening to nothing.
  13. ILLBETHEJUDGEValued MemberMember

    Now i am thinking what size pump and if i probably should do the input bigger that the output. Probably input 1.5" and output 3/4" so that way there is more water coming in then going out.
  14. DakotablueValued MemberMember

    Perhaps not ideal, but if you had the pump on the top of the barrel on the input instead of on the output, then if for some reason you lost your siphon your pump wouldn't force the 30 gallons into the tank.

    I know some canister filters have a larger input than output so I don't see why not.
  15. ILLBETHEJUDGEValued MemberMember

    pump on top is another option.
    problem i am having is that if power goes out the water in the HOB's and the canister goes to the tank and then overflows the sump. i need to find a solution for that before adding the barrel.
  16. Sanderguy777Valued MemberMember

    If it were me, I would figure out a way to put shrimp and plants in the extra 30 gallons. Just my opinion, but I would enjoy the extra space more if it had something living in it. (I understand that it adds to the volume of the tank, but plants help clean the water, and the shrimp wouldn't take up much space LOL)
    Of course, the plants would need some sort of light rig and the shrimp would need a viewing window...
  17. ILLBETHEJUDGEValued MemberMember

    i thought about it but I'll feel safer if the barrel is fully sealed. i will be leaving access to clean it only. i already have pothos on top of the aquarium.

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