would this tank/stand setup work?

  1. MJDuti

    MJDuti Well Known Member Member

    So I have a 36G bowfront which is 30" long. I was going to make a heavy duty wooden stand to support it. The original measurements make the stand 36" long though. Would the 36G tank be safe on the top of this? My main concern is it not being supported on the corners, if that makes a large enough difference. It will have plenty of support on its parameters and even in the middle. The 4 corners will be supported with 2x4s. So if you do the math, take 2" off of each end of the stand and it's 32" I may have to worry about.
  2. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hi, my 36g bowfront is on a table that is just that. The entire tank sits on the flat surface but the corners are not all the way to the corners of the table-if that makes sense. It has been on this table for over a year. :)