Would this be overstocked?

  1. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Sorry, it is another stock list, but with the rehoming of my zebra loaches and cherry barbs, I have some extra room :)

    Tank Size - 55 Gallon
    Filter - Fluval U4 Internal Filter
    Weekly 1/3 PWC

    I currently have

    5 x Rummynose Tetras
    6 x Bleeding Heart Tetras
    2 x Angelfish
    2 x Honey Gourami
    6 x Julii Corydoras

    I know the rummies inparticular could do with a bigger group. I started with 5 and plan to add more. I also needed to try them as some people have bad luck with them so I though it would be best to do so.

    I was thinking would this work as a final stocking (With my old fish rehomed, I have extra space and have decided to go with the "Bigger Impact shoals" rather than the small busy shoal look!

    8 x Julii Corydoras
    6 x Bleeding Heart Tetra
    2 x Honey Gourami
    10-12 Rummynose Tetra (Would 10 or 12 work?)
    2 x Angelfish

    Is that fully stocked, overstocked or about right? Could I fit in a small group of ottos amongst them? I don't want to overstock it

    I am sorry that I have done another stock list, but with the rehoming, my plans have changed completely!

    Thanks :D
  2. fighter55 Member Member

    The Rummy's are fine at 10 or 12, but 10 would be a better choice. If you got rid of BHT's you could up the Rummy's more(maybe 12-13). Angelfish and Gouramis may quarrel a tad, but Honey's are pretty docile. For the Cory's I would up the shoal to 8-9, because they get smaller than other Cory's, and basically have the whole bottom to themselves. For Otto's, you only really want to get them if you have a lot of algae in your tank. You could try Kuhli Loaches, they get a little bigger than Otto's, but they don't need algae. If you got kuhli loaches I would get 5,6 or 7 of them, since they are more active in groups. If not then you can try a BN Pleco.
  3. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    I think your stock list looks ok, and I would go with it and see what the tank looks like after.
  4. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Thanks! Would the kuhlis like fighter55 suggested be pushing it in a group of 6? With only 6 cories on the bottom, there is plenty of room. I don't want to add them if it will be too much

    Thanks :D
  5. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    I would get kuhlis or corys. Personally I'd get cories but I'd bump it up to 10 :)

    I think your stock list looks fine. I think you could up both tetra schools up to 10 and have no issues.
  6. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Thanks! That's good news :D I definatly like the bigger groups! I already have the cories, so I will add more of them. Based on what you guys have said, this would be the stock list:

    10 Bleeding hearts
    10 Rummies
    10 julii cories
    2 angels
    2 honey gourami

    Thanks :)
  7. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    I use to have my bleeding hearts in a 55 and they were amazing. I actually had them with angels and cories too. :) I had like 15 tho. :p

    Mine are HUGE now.
  8. fighter55 Member Member

    Stocking sounds awesome! There will definitely be some activity in there!
  9. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Lol! My bleeding hearts have turned into massive whimps since the rummies have gone in! It makes no sense, but all of a sudden they are ultra jumpy, and quite often when the rummies swim amongst the Bleeding hearts, the bleeding hearts will dart off :D

    I am loving it so far!

    Thanks for the replies :)
  10. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    Mine are super passive as well. They only ever nip at eachother if anything.
  11. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Also, please could I have some help with plants. At the moment, I have a mixture of plants and I don't even know what half of them are, but I would like to get some more plants.

    I would like to do a fairly heavily planted set up, and start again with my plants. I would like something that is easy to keep (I have Tetra Complete substrate and use a liquid fetilizer all though not that reguarly) and yet looks nice.

    Please could someone point me in the right direction. I would like some tall, full looking plants. Please could someone give me some suggestions. I am not prepared to spend a fortune on a single plant, but will consider it if it is nice enough :)

  12. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    I agree! Very peaceful!!
  13. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    I love my amazon swords they have been doing really well in my tank.
  14. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    I have an amazon sword, and I plan to get another one. The only other one I have that I actually kind of know what it is, is some type of vallis. I don't have a clue about anything else I have :(
  15. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    banana plants and dwarf lily plants also always did good in my tank.
  16. CherryBarb123 Member Member

    Thanks! I will take a look at them :)