Would this be okay?

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    bkaiser3 Well Known Member Member

    So i am thinking about buying an outdoor garbage can with a lid that seals tightly and filling it up with water to have my water change water already ready to go. I would be keeping it in my garage. Anyone see a problem with this?
  2. W

    Wildside Valued Member Member

    I'm not sure but one of the issues with tap water is that it tends to have chlorine or another one (called chloride I think) that can be harmful to your fish. Chlorine will evaporate if given enough time making it safe to use after a day or two. Chloride won't and needs to be treated.
  3. OP

    bkaiser3 Well Known Member Member

    I treat all my water. It would just be easier. My hot garage would warm the water up well in advance then when i go to use it, pump it into a 5 gallon bucket, treat it, and dump it in.

  4. BlackNotebookTanks

    BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    Sounds like a good idea. But make sure the bin is free from any harmful chemicals or coatings that could quickly leech into the water and kill / injure your fish! Maybe you could line the inside with a bit of pond liner if you're unsure? It does sound like a good idea. Just don't forget to treat your water before adding it to the tank!
  5. OP

    bkaiser3 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah thats the only worry i have. Is if there is something on the can.
  6. slayer5590

    slayer5590 Well Known Member Member

    Why not just buy a Python or Aqueon water changer instead. And yes chlorine will dissipate in a day or so when the water is left out in the sun. Chloramine will Not dissipate and has to be remove by something like Prime.
  7. OP

    bkaiser3 Well Known Member Member

    My main reasoning for using the can is i will have a bunch of water ready to go when needed and it will already be close to the temperature needed.
  8. u

    uncfan Valued Member Member

    I have a 44 Gallon brute plastic trash can for water in my garage. I also have them at the store I work at for ro/do water and wait water with no issues. If you plan on letting it sit more than a couple of days I'll put an air stone in it so it doesn't go stagnant.
  9. fisharegreat8962

    fisharegreat8962 Valued Member Member

    The chlorine will never fully evaporate. Plus, even if all of it did, you'd have to continue topping off the water just because of normal evaporation, and that new water would also have to evaporate, and it'd just be a long wait and hassle. And even if none of that had to happen, there's heavy metals and things in there that are also harmful to your fish that won't evaporate out. It's just easier to treat it. I recommend Prime. It's amazing for everything. Fish love it.

    Wishing the best for you and your fishies!