Would this 20g work as a betta sorority?


This 20g high tank is about 8 months old. I’m moving all current inhabitants to my 55g community and I’m trying to figure out what to do with this tank now. Does this look like a good setup for a sorority? How many would you put in there? And would you add any other fish or betta girls only?

And if this is not a good fit for a sorority do you have any other suggestions?


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Betta sororities are a tricky concept to master, mostly because of the inexplicable nature of bettas. Personally, I think the tank is too barren to be able to keep a betta sorority, usually one would require dense amounts of plants to act as cover, and even so it is still not guaranteed to succeed.

However, if you want to go for bettas, there are plenty of wild betta species more accustomed to a group than the regular splendens. Betta falx, channoides, imbellis are a few that come to mind, provided you can find them and tend to their needs.


I tend to avoid sororities altogether. I like my hobbies to be stress reducers, not stress makers.

But i agree, definitely would need more hiding spots and general cover to be able to break line of sight to have a chance at a successful sorority. Odd numbers like 3 or 5 seem to do better than even numbers. Also, dither fish can help to distract the bettas from each other, like ember tetras or porkchop/harlequin rasboras and the like. a 20g might make that a little tight.


I agree with the above perhaps you should plant a bushy plant in the background, hornwort, ambulia, vals, anything that is tall enough to grow to top of tank and that's helps to break line of sight, otherwise I would say you could do this but they are a hit or miss, organise a plan I find the betas do not work out, spare tanks, a local fish store or the shop you bought them from that would take them back due to aggession issues. also try getting from a breeder and fish from the same batch that way they might be more friendly as their sisters.


Thank you everybody for your replies! Looks like my plan for a sorority might have been a bit too ambitious for now. I'll stock this tank with something else and maybe revisit the sorority idea when I can get a bigger, better-planted tank. I appreciate all of you taking the time to help me out! :)


A 29 gallon would be a pretty great size for a sorority i think. 29 gallons i swear are the real MVP of the fishworld, anyhow!

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