Would these lights be good for a 55g?

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  2. Dolfan Fishlore VIP Member

    Yes those should work. Remember that watts per gallon is an outdated method for light estimation. It doesn't take into account reflectors, water depth, height above water level, etc. PAR is the better way to estimate the light for your tank. Assuming you have a standard 55 gallon tank, I think those lights would be good for any low light plants and maybe you could do a few moderate light level plants. Any plants that need some extra light you can always put in a terra cotta pot with some substrate or soil with gravel cap to raise it a bit closer to the light.
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    Should be great for all of those as they are all low light plants aside from the cabomba which needs a little bit more, but should still be fine.
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    Great thanks? Upon further research, apparently my 10k bulbs, not actinic, aren't the best for my plants
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    Got 2 of those shipped for 17 bucks. Can't beat that!