Would There Be Any Interest In A Tutorial

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  1. Thunder_o_b

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    on my RO/DI setup?

    I have photos of the plumbing of the storage tanks showing the methods I used along with shots of the parts with packaging.

    As well as the tools and techniques used.

    The only thing is if this is something that would be welcome, I have to decide to do it in two parts or wait for a while. You see, in the near future I will be changing the 75 GPD to a 150 GPD with a pressure boost pump, flush flow restricter, and a float shut off.

    I also will be installing a pump and line system from the basement to the first floor.

    Hmmm. So it might need to be a three part, over a fair amount of time. The job is not all that complex but time is something I am very short on.

    Let me know your thoughts.
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  2. CraniumRex

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    I think that would be fantastic. I have moderately hard, highish pH water and there are many species I can't keep because of it.

    I suspect you have it down to an art form and so many people could benefit from that.

    I can certainly wait until you change over systems and do understand that creating tutorials, even when you already have many of the photos, is a very time-consuming process.
  3. ljm0104

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    I would be interested. I got a notice that my water company was changing and that there would be some "small changes" to the water so I'm considering setting a system up depending on how big the changes actually are.