Would rummy noses tetra school with my neon tetras??


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Hi, I have 3 neon tetras in a 20-gallon tank with a Halfmoon betta and mini ramshorn snails and I want to add more fish, does rummy nose tetra tend to school with neons ??

I know they say to have more neon tetras for a school but mine are doing good at 3 neons, they're schooling and playing together all day.

I'm looking to add some rummy noses tetra or/and corydoras, would you suggest me anything else?


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I wouldn’t get another school in a 20 gallon. I tried that once and it didn’t go too well, all the fish looked cramped. Instead I would increase the neons or get cardinal tetras, they look almost the same but they’re better for the higher temps bettas like.

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