Would neons play nice with a dwarf gourami?

Discussion in 'Dwarf Gourami' started by Novemayune, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. NovemayuneValued MemberMember

    I'm working on my stock plan for my 55g and I was wondering if neon tetras would do well in the same tank as one dwarf gourami? My total stock plan, (as I have it mapped out on aqadvisor that is) is as follows

    4 platys (1 male, 3 female)
    2 ghost shrimp
    4 mystery snails
    4 albino corys
    8 neon tetras
    6 cherry barbs
    1 dwarf gourami

    So far, I have the platys, the shrimp, the corys, and one snail, so I can change the last three fish on my list if those will not do well with the ones I already have. Thanks for your advice!
  2. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    welcome to the forum

    I think its more a function of whether the DG will play nice with the neons. In a tank that size it shouldn't be a problem.

    For a 55, you really ought to get at least 20-30 ghost shrimp, if you ever want to see them. 2 would get lost in a 55.

  3. NovemayuneValued MemberMember

    I see my ghost shrimp pretty frequently right now. Will they get more shy as I add more fish to the mix? I can definitely get some more - they are only $.36 each :) Do they not have a large bioload? Of course, I may just see them frequently right now because I only have a couple of plants and a few small decorations. I do plan on getting some more plants, probably mail order

    Edit: Also, with my corys, should I get two more? And if I get two more, do I have to get 2 more albinos? If I don't get albinos, will they get along well with the albinos?

    Edit: Would a honey gourami be a better tankmate than the DG?

    Last edited: Dec 7, 2012
  4. DaniostetrasValued MemberMember

    I know that honey gouramis aren't susceptible to iridovirus, as dwarfs are, although I'm not sure which would be better

  5. ToniaWell Known MemberMember

    I'm sure the shrimp would love the plants, and so will your fish.
    Depending on the size of the shrimp, they may have to hide from a gourami. He may not eat them, but he would be big enough to be scary.

    And.. Welcome to Fishlore!!! this is the best place I've ever found for fishy information!
  6. bankruptjojoFishlore VIPMember

    i had 20 neons in a 40g breeder with a flame DG with no problems. just depends on the personality of the fish but 55g they should be fine.

    yes i would add 2 more corys, yes they should be albino imo.
  7. NovemayuneValued MemberMember

    Okay, another question then - I've read some conflicting things about cherry barbs - are they a bit agressive or are they truly peaceful? I'm now wondering if I should go with danios over barbs and a Honey Gourami instead of DG...

  8. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    There are a lot of factors that contribute to how fish behave. When kept in a large enough tank (at least 20 gallons) and in a large enough school (at least 8), there shouldn't be any problems. Of course fish are not robots - some don't fit the mold. By most accounts, cherry barbs are excellent community fish.

    Danios come with their own "issues".

    I would absolutely go with honey gouramis over a dwarf gourami.
  9. NovemayuneValued MemberMember

    Thanks Jaysee. I dont remember who recommended a Honey Gourami, but I think they look really pretty, plus they aren't supposed to be as "touchy" as the DG. So, whoever suggested that to me, thank you!

    What kinds of issues?
  10. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    Danios are maniacal, and that can stress more laid back fish.
  11. NovemayuneValued MemberMember

    Ahh, gotcha. Are cherry barbs the only beginner friendly barbs?
  12. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    No, gold barbs are also nice. They are much better schoolers than the cherry barbs. There are also rosy barbs, and glass barbs. I hear black ruby barbs are nice too. It's really just the tiger barbs that are trouble, of the smaller barb species. There is always going to be a certain degree of infighting with barbs, but that's true of just about every schooling fish.
  13. NovemayuneValued MemberMember

    Thanks Jaysee - I really appreciate your input
  14. NovemayuneValued MemberMember

    Hmm, I don't know that I want to get barbs now. I might just get a couple more neons and another sunburst platy then have the Gourami and call it good. I'd rather stay understocked, and if my platys are going to breed like, well, livebearers, then that will give me room to have some fry mature before I rehome them. Maybe when I have some vacancy in my tank in a few years I'll get some barbs then. Thank you everyone for your input :) Your knowledge is invaluable!

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