Would my tank-raised common pleco be okay in a pond?

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    Talisaint Valued Member Member

    I'm super excited since I can finally rehome my common pleco! I've lost hope several times and he can't stand a 55 gallon anymore. However, I love him to death and I'm afraid he might not be able to survive in a friend's pond.

    I generally feed him zucchini, spinach, algae wafers (four a day now), and drop in some cichlid sinking pellets (not often, not a lot). In general, I give him quite a lot of food every other day.
    My friend, on the other hand, feeds his koi fish dog food. It's bad. It's definitely bad. But he has his circumstances. He also needs a pleco in there to eat up algae ("poop is easy pick up and I ain't scrubbing algae").

    Luckily, temperature isn't a big issue since Southern California is generally warm, but I don't know how well my pleco would fare in a pond where he won't get as much vegetables (koi fish like to attack vegetables, too apparently) nor attention. He'll definitely have the space to grow (don't recall how large the pond is but it's a lot better than being cramped in a 55).

    It's not a shallow pond, so stabbing a peeled zucchini with a fork and throwing into the pond is pretty ridiculous. How should I make sure that the pleco would be okay?

    Does blanching make zucchini sink? I peel zucchini, but I can't tell if it would eat everything once the fibrous part is out of the way. Do they eat seeds? Once the pleco grows up, how can I make sure it gets the catfish pellets or protein before the koi nab at it?
  2. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Blanching made my zucchini sink!

    He could also attach the veggie to a rock or a lead weight and use that to sink the veggies. It wouldn't hurt the koi to eat veggies either.
  3. OP

    Talisaint Valued Member Member

    Awesome! I'm definitely blanching a huge batch for my fella before he joins the koi.

    I've heard some people dump leftover vegetables (washed so there's no sauce) into koi ponds and they gobble everything up. But I was primarily worried that my pleco won't get plant protein from spinach if the koi got to the spinach before the pleco does, haha. Maybe if my friend ties it to driftwood, the koi won't eat it up!
  4. hampalong

    hampalong Well Known Member Member

    If it gets dog food to eat it will probably develop deficiencies and/or problems, IMO... as will the koi.