would my fish get along with each other????

  1. b

    briggsegirl New Member Member

    ???would a male betta,a silver shark,a clown loach,and a cloud mountain minnow get along with each other in a 40 gallon tank? ;D
  2. 0morrokh

    0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    There are a few problems with this set-up. First of all, the silver shark and clown loach, even if they're small at the pet store, both get to be HUGE, and a 40 gallon will be too small for both of them. Secondly, white cloud mountain minnows like water much cooler than the other three, plus they prefer to live in schools. However, if you had a bigger tank, you could probably keep the silver shark, clown loach, and betta together.

  3. OP

    briggsegirl New Member Member

    thanx i'll have to get my brother to build me a bigger tank then ;D
  4. f

    fletch Valued Member Member

    no way for the mountain minnow, it would be eaten very soon. mountain minnows are quite hardy with temperature. They can be cold water or tropical water fish. I used to keep mine in my coldwater tank and used them to change over to a tropical. They seem a lot happier now. I keep it at 26 degrees and that seems a happy medium for all the fish