Would Jewels work?

Discussion in 'Cichlids' started by jgon_, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. jgon_

    jgon_Well Known MemberMember

    I'm getting a bit bored of my 30g community tank which just always looks empty despite there being quite a few fish in it. This winter, when I have more free time, I'm thinking about rehoming the fish to my understocked 45g. Though I'd rather get everyone's input here and do research before I jump into this. These will be my first aggressive cichlids (well, my bolivian rams are total jerks, so maybe they count too heheh).

    The 30 is currently well planted with lots of wood and caves. Would it be possible to keep a pair of Jewels in there? Would any other fish work with them like a BN pleco? I don't plan on raising fry so I wouldn't mind there be a fish to munch on any eggs. I'm looking for something colorful and active, and the jewels I've occasionally seen at the LFS seem to fit the bill; though I'm open to the suggestion of other cichlids that would work. I know the tank is rather small for most cichlids but I'm looking for some that I can just have one or two of since I already have 3 community tanks, now looking to do something different.

    Like I said, this is at least a month down the road so I'd like to have all the planning in preparation to make these fishies as happy as possible.
  2. kribensis keeper

    kribensis keeperValued MemberMember

    yes they might and might not work but i think they should be fine i would not add any other fish as when the jewels breed they a very aggresive
  3. CHoffman

    CHoffmanFishlore VIPMember

    A pair of jewels would do GREAT in a 30gallon. I suggest you get Blood Red Jewels. :p. I know where you can get some too!!. They are more colorful then their relatives. When I had my breeding pair they were all by themselves with NO tankmates. They are fierce when breeding and honestly I don't think that anything could get in there to eat the eggs. Maybe when the fry are free swimming they could be fed to other fish if your not planning on raising fry but I don't know if I'd trust anything in there with them if they are a breeding pair. Especially a defenseless BN.

  4. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    I think a pair of jewels will be great! they are fun fish to watch...hiding spaces / caves / plants (silk or real) are something mine like also....they dont bother my common plec so im sure a bn would be great also..

    :;tmnt cesch :;nw who btw has the most amazing jewels ;D but im partial haha
  5. CHoffman

    CHoffmanFishlore VIPMember

    Thanks Shawnie!!. I'm partial too..lol..
    I'm glad to know yours don't bother your BN. Come to think of it I guess I have two of my Jewels in the 120 with 6 reg BN and they don't bother them..lol..

  6. OP

    jgon_Well Known MemberMember

    What's the difference between relatives? My LFS only had "turquoise jewels" and they were only about 1in long so I doubt they had their full color yet.
  7. DRock914

    DRock914Valued MemberMember

    Jgon if White Plains is a doable drive for you I would call the petland discounts there because I think I remember seeing red jewels there.
  8. CHoffman

    CHoffmanFishlore VIPMember

    There a different species of jewels. There are two that you see in hobby most often, one is the Hemichromis bimaculatu. I'm pretty sure I've read where the turquoise jewels are the bimaculatu only breed to bring out that specific color. Selective breeding. The other kind of jewel is Hemichromis lifalili aka Blood Red Jewel.
  9. Tony G.

    Tony G.Fishlore VIPMember

    Im pretty sure a pair would be great :) One thing on the muncher LOL i would go for the Raphael Catfish. The reason i reccomend this is because the cat is fearless and will eat the eggs. You wont have to worry about harrassment, trust me, once they get a good feel on his serrated back and fins they wont come near him again ;) My KILLER con got a taste of his spikes on the first days, he hasnt come near him since LOL
  10. OP

    jgon_Well Known MemberMember

    While the Raphaels are nice, I think they may get a wee too big for my tank. :)
  11. izzasyNew MemberMember

    Jewels are excellent and colorful. They are excellent community fish, but they do tend to swim low most of the time and spend their time hiding, but they're just breathtaking when they come out.

    Like what they said, i suggest to stick to the Jewel family if you plan to have a community tank.
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  12. DRock914

    DRock914Valued MemberMember

    I don't think that Jewels are a good recommendation for a community tank. I was always told that they are aggressive nasty fish. What type of tank mates do you consider them to be a community fish with?
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  13. OP

    jgon_Well Known MemberMember

    Well after some PMs with Cesch, looks like the plan is a 'go.'

    So excited! :party0049:
  14. CHoffman

    CHoffmanFishlore VIPMember

    :;banaman. I'm very exciting too!!!.


    DRock. I put two of my jewel babies (but they aren't babies anymore) in my 125 with JD's, Angelfish, cories, rainbows and they do great. They are smaller then the other fish so I'm sure that has something to do with it. Honestly I was so overrun with Jewels that my husband that that he would feed my JD's a couple of them. they were very small so he put two in and they have been living there ever since..lol..I would take them out if there was ever a problem but everyone gets along and ther is pretty much 0% aggression. Now in my growout tank of jewels that is a different story. They are aggressive little buggers and they can really hold their own even against much bigger fish.
  15. DRock914

    DRock914Valued MemberMember

    Thats great that you are able to keep the fish together with no worries. Maybe its because they were raised with each other. I know that every fish is different and I've never had jewels but I wouldn't say they are great community fish because that may lead people to put them in a tank with small tetras.
  16. DRock914

    DRock914Valued MemberMember

    Did you ever find a store that carries red jewels or are you going with the turquoise ones?
  17. CHoffman

    CHoffmanFishlore VIPMember

    I wouldn't say they are great community fish either or even a good community fish. I think that if anyone were to do research on these fish they would find that out very quickly. My tank is a cichlid tank with other fish that can hold there own. I wouldn't put them in a tropical community tank at all or with non aggressive fish. Several people that I have shipped my jewels to do keep them in a community tank just as I do. With JD's, cons, and other aggressive fish. It's not what you consider a peaceful community but rather a cichlid community..lol.. Many people keep jewels with other species. You just have to do what works for you.

    Jgon is getting some of my buggers!!..lol..I'm sure he'll have his hands full. :p
  18. DRock914

    DRock914Valued MemberMember

    Nice, even better then finding a store lol.
  19. domiNew MemberMember

    I have a 30 gallon tank currently with two jewels, a female betta and three rosy red minnows. They all do great. One of the jewels (Ferguson) hangs out with the betta all day long. They share a cave together and everything. It's kinda cute. The other jewel (Zephora) is grumpy and just stays in her cave all day and picks off the shrimp. I think they are confused about what they are :) The minnows... they're just oblivious to everything and swim in the air bubbles all day. Its great.

    It is definately dependant upon the individual fish. I personally would say give it a try with the jewels. I have had mine for about a year and they are great fish.
  20. CHoffman

    CHoffmanFishlore VIPMember

    Yikes...I'm glad that it's working for you and you've had no problems but that is like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. I would not recommend that at all. Jewels are aggressive even for cichlids. I just have to say it so I feel ok about it. It would be best if you got your betta a tank of her own. ;D Ok now that is out of the way..lol. I really do hope they continue to do ok together but that just scared the poo out of me.

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