Would it be OK to divide male and female sword tails in my 55 gallon?

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    BlackCat New Member Member

    I'm planning to get a 55 gallon fish tank soon and I have 4 females and 1 male sword tail. I'm really tired of the batches of fry so I want to get a divider in my 55. Would it be alright to have the male alone in about 25 gallons of the tank and giving the 30 gallons to the rest of the fish. Would the fish have enough space? Would the male fish get lonely alone? I also plan on planting my tank pretty heavily so if the fish were together lots of the fry would survive.
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    Wildside Valued Member Member

    25 gallons is more than enough for a single swordtail. You should be okay keeping him alone in theory.

    Are you ever planning to get any other types of fish? My guppies weren't able to hunt down all of their old fry but as soon as I got a couple of dwarf cichlids they sure did the job, it might be an easier solution.