Would Apistos Do Ok With My Water Chemistry?

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    Hello all, I have had a 20-gallon high tank for about 4 years, but one year ago all but one fish (lemon tetra) died. Life got busy and I kind of let the tank go to crap. Flash forward to the present and I have completely cleaned the tank, bought a new filter, heater, planted light, substrate and have rescaped it. I also bought an API test kit, and a GH/KH test kit. These kit proved instrumental in me learning some alarming facts about my tap water. pH: 7.7-8 probably more around 7.6 when aged. GH: 9 KH: 6. The fish I want to keep (apistos and tetras) need soft acidic water outside of my parameters to survive, much less breed. I have heard however that soft-water fish have an easier time adapting to hard-water than hard-water fish to soft-water. I have also heard that captive bred fish are much more easily adaptable to hard-water than their wild-caught counterparts.

    Does anyone here have any experience in keeping apistos at my water chemistry? If it would not work at the current levels does filtering through peat work as a solution or is it too risky?

    If all else fails do I just use RO water? Or are their fish such as possibly kribs that are smaller cichlids that could live in an alkaline 20 gallon high planted tank.

    tank pic:

    Thanks in advance
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    The apistos are fine in your pH and GH. If it is wild caught then it will depend on which species your talking about. But all captivity bred apistos should adapt to the pH and GH of your tap.
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    Ok so captive bred apistos would work
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    I've gotten this reply on another forum. Could you elaborate on this maybe?

    "Apistos are pretty sensitive fish. I'd be inclined to at least use a water softening pad. And make you water changes smaller and more frequent so that you don't shock the tank. Kribensis are MUCH hardier if you choose to go that direction. Your tank looks great, love all that anubias!"
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    I would really rather get apistos than kribs though, as kribs are probably to big for my tank.
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    Yes, captive bred apistos should be fine.