Would A Pearl Gourami Work In My Tank?

  1. chadcf

    chadcf Member Member

    Getting ready for my last addition to the tank. So far I have:

    * 4 zebra danios (had 6, 2 have mysteriously vanished)
    * 12 cardinal tetras (still pretty small, have been in the tank about 4 weeks)
    * 7 venezuelan red cories (probably, they're shy and hard to count)
    * 1 twig catfish
    * 4 amano shrimp
    * 1-2 red cherry shrimp (started with 3, there is definitely still 1 possibly more)
    * 9 assasin snails (boldly trying to keep the ramshorns in check)
    * more ramshorn snails than I can count

    For my last addition I wanted something a bit larger and colorful and not hiding all the time. I really love the idea of a pearl gourami but I'm worried the danios would harass it too much. My backup plan is 2-3 peacock gudgeons but I'm also open to other suggestions.

    The tank is a 38 gallon bowfront, pretty tall, well planted and filtered and up and running since early january.

  2. K

    Keith83 Member Member

    Interesting. I was looking for a centerpiece fish for my tank and decided on a Pear Gourami. I have 7 Giant danios, 7 venuzualan corys, 3platys, 1 rubbernose pleco and 1 pearl damio. The Gourami has fit right in. He's not agressive and sometimes even schools with the Danios. When I added him I felt like I was pushing the limits on the 55. You might be over stocked in the 38. You'd need good sized water changes to make it work. That's a big bioload.
  3. K

    Keith83 Member Member

    Also I think with Zebras, you really need at least 6. They are less agressive in larger numbers
  4. OP

    chadcf Member Member

    Yeah I'm debating either rehoming them or replacing the two missing ones.

    I don't think I'm overstocked, my water parameters are pretty good, I do about a 25% water change every week. Though it's not regarded as that accurate the aqadvisor calculator puts me at 85% stocked at the moment. By the inch per fish rule I'm probably overstocked. Though neither of these methods are regarded as all that useful so...
  5. K

    Keith83 Member Member

    Sheesh Aqadvisor put me at 110 percent before I added the pearl damio, another Cory and the Gourami in my 55