Would 0-0-0 H2o Parameters Be Ok?

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    So last night was my monthly aquarium club meeting and every month we have a speaker. This month was about proper filtration for your tanks. The speaker is a pretty big importer of fish in Honolulu and he was saying that........

    Down the line, about 6 months and IF you have the proper biological media(like Biohome Ultimate) and you grow the anaerobic bacteria your water parameters should be.....

    Ammonia- o
    Nitrite- 0
    Nitrate- 0

    I thought that you should always have some nitrates in your water? Now I can see if you have a 20 gallon tank and only 2 small guppies in it the parameters would be triple 0's, but in a moderately/heavily stocked tank and doing weekly water changes and the tank being fully cycled and with the right biological media, Can you have triple 0 readings and have a healthy tank?

    Edit: the tank the speaker has are NOT planted tanks, his tanks are mostly bare bottom and some with fulval stratum and a plant here and there, but not your regular planted tank.
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    I think it is possible but I have a 125 that is heavily planted and lightly stocked and I always have a little Nitrate.
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    It really depends on what plants you have and how many in your tank not your fish
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    Never heard of Biohome Ultimate, but it certainly is possible to use filter media that will remove the nitrates. I see no problem with triple zeros for nitrogenous waste. You don't need nitrates, they are simply the way we know the other nitrogenous waste is being removed. However, I would hope that it removes other pollutants as well. The nitrogen cycle is the easiest way for us to monitor the overall health of a tank, but it is not the only organic pollutant, and that is the real reason we do water changes.
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    The only reasons to need nitrates in your water is to either feed plants or tell if the tank is cycled.
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    Thanks and Biohome Ultimate does help remove ammonia, nitrite, and once fully established and with some time nitrates. It's an awesome biological media. There are a lot of videos on YouTube if you ever want to check it out.