Worst Thing You've Ever Done To Your Aquarium Funny

  1. Jaxsco Well Known Member Member

    Ok, title says it all. What is the worst, stupidest, dumbest thing that you've ever done to your fish tank? You may commenced with the typing.
  2. Dovah Well Known Member Member

    I poured sand in while my filters were on. That was fun.

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  3. TigrissDoesFish Member Member

    I turned off the heater to one of my tropical fish tanks.
  4. thepianoguy Well Known Member Member

    i accidentally dumped a bucket full of 0 degrees cold water in my TROPICAL tank...

    caused one death...

    that wasn't fun at all!

  5. slayer5590 Well Known Member Member

    Forgot to unplug the heater during a water change.
  6. Lunas Well Known Member Member

    I set one up at work and now i want to quit that job and dont have room for a 45g tank in my house...
  7. Maxine023 Member Member

    Forgot to turn off the heater during a water change. On a Sunday when the shop was closed so I couldn't replace it... Rip my fishies :(
    Also turned my hose on way too high right onto my sand substrate. I couldn't see my fish through the cloud of sand for days!

  8. krack499 Well Known Member Member

    I was messing with my filter without unplugging it and didn't realize how badly it needed cleaned until I looked down at the tank and couldn't see anything from the stuff that dumped into the tank

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  9. happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    Lol I get that one all the time!

    One time I left a couple root tabs above the substrate, and the next morning, I could barely see my tank through the cloud of fertilizer floating through the water. Waste of root tabs and introduced lots of algae into my tank :(
  10. thepianoguy Well Known Member Member

    i do that all the time...huph they do survived!

  11. gregorylampron Member Member

    Netted a molly and shrimp without noticing and almost washed them down a sink. They are both still alive.
    Also, killed the BB in a 10g with a heaping dose of kanaplex before I knew wth I was doing.
    Feels good to get that out.

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  12. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    Left snail jello in the tank when I went on vacation assuming they would eat most of it or it would disintegrate into the substrate like normal... came home to a filter attempting to run with no water and a tank I couldn't see into. Fortunately no deaths and a still working filter. But that was coming home to a lot of stress and 2 hours of water changes after an 18 hour drive...
  13. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Whoa. That must have been some strong jello:shock:
  14. cheesepuff Well Known Member Member

    Did not clean the sponge filters in my 2.5 gallon tank for 8 months. The need to make the sponges in white! I can't believe how much Gunk those things can hold

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  15. Bithimala Fishlore VIP Member

    The sad part, I had actually intentionally made that batch a little thicker than normal since I wanted to make sure they had something to eat... Bad idea, lol
  16. octavio Member Member

    What? No one has knocked the florescent light canopy into the tank while futzing around with one or both arms in the water? Shocking. :)
  17. cheesepuff Well Known Member Member

  18. Fufu Member Member

    Forgot to clean my sand before adding it to the tank.

    Couldn't see my fish for about 3days and my canister quickly needed a clean after 3days lol


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  19. garder54 Member Member

    Not funny, but dumbest:

    Turned off the air pump and forgot to pull out the airstones. Come down the next morning to find the water had siphoned down through the tube and pump. Had a huge puddle of water on the floor. Inside the tank stand was soaked. It's made of particle board so now one door is warped and barely shuts.
  20. DrowningInGuppies Member Member

    Used a heater that was cracked. It blew up in my tank and electrocuted my hand, and a rosy red. The rosy red is still alive and going strong, though! :p