worried will he be ok what would be best?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by kineticcomfort, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. kineticcomfortNew MemberMember

    washed everything real hot water, knew nothing of nitro cycle just told by petco to wait 2 weeks to put in, put in next day instead. added 2 blood parrot 2 cichilids blue cray and fiddler crab. cichlid being mean so took to friends store and got 2 more. eventually cray died. got water tested and very high amonia, had just vacumed day b4 and washed filter with boiling hot water not knowing it had good bacteria that needed to stay on. this all since 3-12-10, swaped out one gal water from buddies 55 gal runnin since last oct and one of the new cichlids was pickin on other pretty bad so cleaned old 10 gal and put in buddies cycled water and mean cichlid(he was bigger than other 2 cichlids)yesterday. had water checked today, nitrates to high, asked if it should have more fish, his had over 12 in 55 gal, she said it could help nwith nitrates being to high. didnt want fish he was pickin on in there cause fish was doin poorly when they were together, got better when big guy taken out. so got 2 cichlids of matching size and asked about angel fish. saw online some do ok with cichlids, she said def non of the small ones but could try one large one she had, said if doesnt work out bring em back. original yellow mean one pickin on all new guys but not really messin with angel. saw him nip tail once and noticed no chunks missin but he has been following him round alot not nippin at him but looks like he's thinkin bout it. put them in around noon. worried will be beat up over night. other tank 29 gal goin through nitrate cycle and has high amonia, also one blood parrot bigger than angel and other def weighs more than angel just a little smaller. still have 2 cichlids in 29 gal one seems slightly agr and other not agrsv at all. would be be better in 10 gal where may be picked on. has just been floatin round stayin in one spot for long periods of time not really tryin to steer clear of other so seems like he be ok, but mean guy has been chasin round other 2 and pickin on most of day. again no noticeable spot out of fins, should i put mean guy in bucket with cycled water and air supply for night to make sure other fish ok for night?? or would this add to his aggresive behavior when put back in tank tomorrow? is he just astblishin dominance or does he need to be taken out of tank completely? friend's gf owns store so would be no prob if needed to go back.. just worried bout tonight when sleepin, will put in pics mean one is yellow, purple bellied and bengal tiger colored one are other 2 new. plannin on blood parrots and cray going in 10 gal when 29 gal new tank done cyclin and 4 cichlids large angel and 2 fiddlers in 29

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  2. djbristValued MemberMember

    HI KC,

    In my opinion, here is your way out: "said if doesn't work out bring em (all) back" then
    read up on the fish-less cycling methods, or the Tetra Safe Start method used by some, and go from there.

    If you have to keep the fish, you may struggle keeping the parameters under control. Many use prime everyday with waterchages, it may take awhile but it can be done and will improve your chances as I don't think you are fully cycled.

    Cichlids seem to be tough to tank mate, I only have dwarf SA's and they can be naughty with my community tankmembers. You have quite a mix there, so again to ease your struggle, return them and take your time, be patient and research. I like to do the research, but have on occasion had my whims, only to pay with the burden of my hastiness. IMO it is more fun for it all to go smoothly.

    Use the vast array of articles, fish profiles, and threads to make more informed decisions in the future, find them up top and most of all have fun!

    my two cents,
  3. kineticcomfortNew MemberMember

    bought good water test kit, goin to test daily and if any look unhealthy can get ahold of her any time and plan on returnin if any look sick in any way so she can make sure they ok... have been doin good cept lost a cray after moltin and a fiddler but had no salt in water fish all have done well except when the one under the bridge in the pic was gettin picked on he started swimmin funny...
  4. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Welcome to FishLore!!

    I'm sorry, you're having problems.

    However, I find your post very hard to understand without proper sentences, capitilization, punctuation and paragraphs.

    Best of luck.
  5. kineticcomfortNew MemberMember

    i have restarted an old 10 gallon tank to take the biggest cichlid out of my 29 gallon tank. I am new to the hobby and did not know about the nitrate cycle, so my 29 gallon tank currently has excess amonia due to cycling. I also washed the filter with super hot tap water making the cycle worse. My second smallest cichlid was swimming funny and missing large chunks of fins from my largest cichlid.

    Now that I have done a ton of research, and gotten the help of the LFS, who is owned by my friends girlfriend, I started the additional tank with water from a cycled 55g tank containing similar fish. The nitrates were high due to the fact I only had one fish, the donor tank had over a dozen fish creating more amonia than this one fish could provide.

    I went and got 2 more cichlids and a large angel fish. I asked before buying the fish if it is ok to put cichlids in with angels, she said sometimes it works, and sometimes they are too aggressive for the angel. She recommended if buying one, to get the largest one she had available.

    I closely watched the fish throughout the day and only noticed the aggresive cichlid go after the other 2 cichlids, however they are comparable in size and I did'nt notice any ripped or torn fins. He nipped at the angel once that I saw, but mostly just followed him around not being very aggressive. I'm worried he will bother him overnight since he has still shown very aggressive behavior toward the other 2 cichlids of similar size to himself.

    My question was, should I let them all as they are now and just check on him in the morning or should I put him in the larger tank with high amonia levels(fish in there now doing good)? I could also just put the aggressive fish in a small bucket with the already cycled water and an oxygen supply. I wondered if this would only aggitate him further upon returning him to the tank tomorrow, or is he just showing signs of dominance because of new fish introduced to the enviroment he has already been in for a little while by himself?

    Pictures of the fish are posted on the thread, I do not know exactly what kind of cichlids or angel they are. If you happen to know what kind they are I would appreciate letting me know. Hope that helps you, help me.

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