Worried Rams aren't getting enough to eat...

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    Jdufreche Valued Member Member

    So I got three Bolivian Rams (1M/2F... Almost positive) about a week ago and I am worried they aren't getting enough to eat because my piggy platies try to eat everything first. I have 4M Platy and 5 cardinals in the tank with my Rams. Every time I go to feed them the other fish are so quick to eat the food and the Rams just sit there and watch. I've tried flakes, frozen baby brine shrimp, bloodworms, sinking cichlid pellets, and shrimp pellets. I've tried adding flake/bbs at the same time as the sinking pellets (to distract the others), but the Rams still don't make a move. I have seen two of them eat the occasional sinking pellets, but the third (Gia) hasn't eaten anything (that I've seen). I've literally dropped pellets an inch from her face and NOTHING... The pellets just fall to the floor and a Platy or Cardinal picks it off. I know I've been overfeeding a bit this week trying to figure this out, but I think the other fish are just getting over feed and it doesn't seem to be making a difference with the Rams. Any suggestion?
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    fishfanman Valued Member Member

    I installed a clear plastic tube that is vertical. Top end sticks out of the water and bottom end about 3 inches above the substrate. I put sinking pellets in the tube which falls out of the tube and the rams have a fighting chance of getting them.
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    Jdufreche Valued Member Member

    fishfanman thanks! I'll give it a try. Maybe I can train them to take food at a certain spot