Worried My Gold Nugget Isn't Eating Well.

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    Hello. My pleco is hard to feed. He's not interested in most food i put in for him. He is very shy too but starting to get used to me now. I've had him for about a month. His tank mate a green phantom died and I am worried the same will happen to him.

    I put zuchinni and cucumbers in there. I've seen him on them a couple of times but not for long. He stays away from my tetra algae wafers. He ignores my vitalis shrimp pellets. He likes to graze on my rocks, drift wood and plants. His belly isn't sunken but is kinda flat. I'm not sure what I an looking at tho him and the green phantom are my first plecos. I also have 2 Lemmon long fin bristle noses in there that are not so shy and actually suck on the algae wafers when/if they find them.

    He lives in a 55 gallon with lots of tankmates. I have attached a picture of the tank and his belly. I would like suggestions of what and how I should feed this guy. I want to replace the green phantom with another gold nugget and hopefully have them breed.

    Please let me know the proper way to feed these guys and let me know if they look hungry. I try feeding during the day and the night.
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    Bonus picture of all 3 plecos.