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    :mad: Hello! I posted in the beginners forum as well, but I have these little white worms in my tank! I read they were harmless, associated with too much food...ok so I feed too much...Another site told me to vacuum and do a 25% water change (I did 30%). My mollies went crazy and started snacking on the nasty little worms (Let me note here that I HATE WORMS!) and my shrimp also seemed pretty pleased as well. The website recommended fasting the fish for 2-3 days, which should be no real problem since the fish are snacking on the worms. Is there anything else I can do? I have the shrimps and snails, and really didn't want to use chemicals, although I'm so grossed out I'm willing to! THe jungle tabs parasite clear seemed safe (at least what I read online), but again, don't want to use chemicals! AUGH what do I do?!?

    Oh, parameters for the tank I'm sure I'll get asked! 10gallon, filter (oh dear GOd I'm afraid to look in it! EW ew ew ew ew ), heater set at 78degrees...nitrates 5-10, nitrites zero (YEA that just happened today!), ammonia zero, pH 7.6...I add aquarium salt to the tank for the mollies.
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    EEK Help anyone?!?
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    Sorry I dont have a clue but I think its good that the fish are eating them! ;D