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  1. RudeeRuValued MemberMember

    :eek:EEK Ok so maybe fish isn't my thing if I don't like worms

    There are these tiny little worms in my tank!  I noticed it today when I stirred up the gravel to add a cave for the new ghost shrimps I bought (tank is cycled yea!), and EWWW I'm NOT a worm person!  I read that they are harmless just an eyesore and will be more visible when there is excess food! 

    Ok, update: I did a 30% water change, vacuumed the gravel, sanitized everything (hot water, soap on the top of the tank's lid but rinsed VERY thoroughly)...when I stirred them up my mollies went CRAZY eating them!  The shrimps seemed pleased about the tank stir-up as well!  I want to take care of the problem without the use of chemicals, but I will if it means I don't have to see them anymore...has anyone used Jungle parasite clear?  So far it seems like the most harmless.  Sorry if I seem so ew-icky-ew, but I'm a vet tech and there's no such thing as a "good" worm in my eyes!  So far the only non-chemical remedy is to fast my fish for 2-3 days (although they are snacking on the worms so I guess they aren't really fasting!) and 25% water changes/gravel vacuums daily.  But is that going to mess up the bacteria?  I just cycled and DO NOT want to go thru that process again!  I SWEAR if it's not one thing it's another!  :'(
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  3. JonWell Known MemberMember

    if your tank is cycled it is a necessity that you start gravel vaccing (at least bi-weekly but preferably a lil more often)... it wont mess up the bacteria if your tank is already cycled unless you do somethign dumb like change all of your water, your filter, and then go add some fish... just take things slow and try not to shock the environment.

    most fish love eating worms so if your fish are taking care of them then thats good... if they arent then im not sure what you would do other than clean up your tank a bit and possibly look around at fish stores and on the webs for people with similar problems.
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    Yup, my tank is cycled...was going to get some fish to add next week but I know I definitely need to clean this up first!  The pet store near my house (not that great) told me to change my filter, but I know better than that!  And no, I won't do anything "dumb" like change all the water (that was suggested as well).  I did add ghost shrimp but that was before I saw the worms (like 20 minutes before!)!  Thanks for the advise; short of using chemicals (which I really don't want to although I'm totally grossed out) the only advise I got was to vacuum daily and don't feed the fish (don't need to they are munching away on the worms) for at least 3 days. 

    oops forgot to add was told by a friend to get ich treatment and that will help; however with my snails and shrimps I was concerned about killing them off, so I got something called Prevent-ich which is labeled as 100% organic and will take care of protozoans and dinoflaellates...except that I believe these worms are mulitcellular and are playhelminths; not sure if they respond to ich treatments? Haven't used it yet, was going to try the cleaning method first.
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    if the problem persist im sure you could find a type of fish that would take care of them for you... there are usually always fish that will take care of certain pests... im sure with a lil less food and a lil more clean your fish will finish em off... gl

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