World Cup 2006

who do you think will win the world cup.


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I think Argentina will win. They've played quite well. 2-1 against Ivory Coast ( ), 6-0 agaist Serbia and Montenegro ( ) and 0-0 with Netherlands ( :-\). At first I thought Brazil but then changed my mind after watching their first match. :-\

Joe, who do you think will win?


P.S. - I was thinking of doing this exact same poll, came on here, clicked on Polls and found it had already been done. LOL!!
I am Italian by back ground but I do not think they will win ,I would have to say Brazil they have a strong team, lots of talent.
I would hav said spain but they were undeservedly put out 2nite!! they shud hav went through! put still quite a young side ! I will say brazil now but I can c argentina and england bein up there unfortunately northern ireland didnt qualify but they nearly did!

I think Id better start watching!!! then I can cast my vote... I haven't seen my hubby since it started so I'm a bit bitter... :-\
I BET either Germany or Brazil will win the World Cup! I certainly may be wrong ... but judging by the way both teams have played so far - and it's not just goals that count but also the playing techniques, etc - they seem most likely to win to me. Soccer is not a very "famous" sport in the U.S. but I nevertheless watch and follow the games, and LOVE it! I think soccer is a great sport and I perfectly understand why it's so popular in Europe (as well as in Africa and many other parts of the world). I wish U.S. team could have advanced a bit futher ... well, maybe next time
Hey Isabella,you may get your wish in 2010..the U.S. has a youngster playing in the MLS now named Freddie Adu,who many consider to be an even better player than Pele' was in his heyday..he was too young to play in this World-Cup,but in 2010 he'll be in his prime(about 21 yrs. old) and you can bet the coach will build up a strong team to support Adu's skills.
Better than Pele himself ?!?! LOL, that should be very interesting! I'll be looking forward to FIFA 2010! I certainly hope USA team will do better next time
I think Argentina will win. They've played quite well. 2-1 against Ivory Coast ( ), 6-0 agaist Serbia and Montenegro ( ) and 0-0 with Netherlands ( :-\). At first I thought Brazil but then changed my mind after watching their first match. :-\

Well both Argentina and Brazil are out and so is England. I think Germany will go far prbably right to the end and France are quite good. I really don't know who will win now. :-\

JoeG and Gwenz ... to tell you the truth, both England and Germany did not play too well during that game. I was surprised by how poorly Germany played last 2 games! They were much better last world cup. Now I am not sure anymore if Germany will win this world cup (we'll see how they'll do with Italy today!). I was also shocked to see Brazil lose! Such a good team - it was the least I suspected. I was sure they were going to advance. Now it looks like France and Italy are the stronger opponents. BUT ... the games are not over yet Anything's possible!
looks interesting now , it could be any one. at this point.I am hope Italy can win this afternoon.
I really don't know what will happen - Right now just after half time Germany 0-0 Italy

this is getting quite interesting anything could happen!

I can't believe Germany lost! I wanted them to win Well ... only one team can win, so there ya go ... My prediction turned out to be terrible, lol. Neither Germany nor Brazil made it.
I don't care who wins today since I like both teams, though it would be surprising to see France beat Portugal, just as it was surprising to see Italy beat Germany. This world cup really anything is possible, lol. So who knows, maybe France will win.
Well the match has started. I would like France to win, but I'd be supprised if they did agaist Portugal. But you never know. Anything could happen.  :-\

It seems Italy plays better than France so you may get your wish Joe. But as with everything else in this world cup - you never know. I would have never suspected that Germany and Brazil will not make it, and yet they did not. Likewise, I didn't think France and Italy will make it this far .... yet they made it. So go figure, lol. Nothing will be a surprise to me anymore in this world cup. I honestly have no idea which of the two teams will win.
I know what you mean. Anything could happen. This world cup is hard to predict what will happen.

I think Italy will win. IMO, they play beter than France, and have better tactics. Although France do have quite a good team. I also hope Italy will win though.

il say France will win it on sunday Zidane will go out on a high by liftin the cup il b goin out 2 watch it!! lol its also my birthday on world cup final day which is crazy I thought but amazin lol I could c Italy winnin it though as well as they seem 2 b on a bit of a goal streak it'll b a very good final and hopefully a close match! lol

Only 2 days to go be for kick off. and one day for 3rd place betwen Portugal and germany .
I think gemany will win on Saturday for third place.
I think Ronaldo will get Portugal 3rd place and Zidane will get France 1st place - but ... just speculating, of course France doesn't seem to play well yet they win out of the blue - they're so unpredictable. Which is why France may win even though Italy plays better than France. As for Portugal and Germany, they both play well for me, but I think Portugese players are faster in the field and this is what may help them win the 3rd place. BUT ... if they give up too fast, as they evidently did in their last match, Germany will get them. Anyway ... we'll see this weekend.
Isabella - I agree with you. This whole world cup is unpredictable. I would never have predicted this ending.

one thing I do not like about Italy is that if game goes into penalty kicks, I can almost guarantee Italy will lose.
Yes that the same as with England. They can never win penalties. If they didn't go to penalties I'm sure they would have got through.

I don't like when a match is at 0 : 0, and then they have to revert to penalty kicks. I don't think penalty kicks really determine which team is better. The true strength of a team is reflected in the way the play (technique, speed, etc ...) and especially if they're able to score goals DURING the game, not through penalty kicks after the game. I understand that some team may be better at penalty kicks than other, but still I bet many of the penalty kicks are lucky kicks. Like I said, the best way to determine which team is better is through looking at their technique, speed, whether they foul a lot, et cetera.

P.S. I also hate when players pretend that an opponent has hurt them, when in fact nothing really happened. They do that on purpose to get a free kick or a corner. That's not fair and should be penalized with yellow cards.
P.S. I also hate when players pretend that an opponent has hurt them, when in fact nothing really happened. They do that on purpose to get a free kick or a corner. That's not fair and should be penalized with yellow cards.

That is exactly what Christiano Ronaldo (Portugal) always does. I find it really annoying. He just dives to the floor when nothing has happened.

I also noticed the Italian team does that a lot Gwenz - I think much more than other teams (though probably all teams do that at some point - some do it more, some less). Anyway ... I think the match between Germany and Portugal today was very good. I am glad Germany won but I also feel sorry for Portugal because they're a good team. I really think both of these teams are equally good. Too bad 2 teams can't win at once, lol.
I was watching the final game at a European restaurant/bar ... you can only imagine how crazy it was there, lol. Half of the people wanted Italy to win and the other half wanted France to win. So whenever France scored a goal half the bar clapped hands, whistled, and screamed happy, and when Italy scored a goal, the same happened with the other half ... LOL it was so loud there. But when France scored a goal, Italian supporters "booed" France, and French supporters "booed" Italian team when Italy scored a goal, lol. Anyway ... I have to say the game was good. I didn't really care who won again, so I am happy for Italy but equally sad for France. I think if Zidane didn't get a red card and if he were in the penalty kicks, France could have won. I was so SHOCKED at what Zidane did to that Italian player! Though I like Zidane and he's a great player, he DID deserve that red card - he should have NOT attacked the Italian player. It was so weird, lol. I wonder what the Italian player said to Zidane that it **** him off so much. I felt sorry for Zidane when he was leaving the field and crying. I also didn't like the way Italy played in the first 5 minutes ... 3 fouls in such a short period of time! Anyway ... overall Italy plays very well and the victory they won was well deserved.
B4 the tournament had begun my tip was Argentina, and even after the first group stage, but those Germans won, which they didnt deserve. At least italy knocked them out. Stupid diving Italians knocked Australia out in the 94th min. That was B*LLS#%T! Then the French did the same to Brazil after beating Spain which was really disappointing to see such a good side be knocked out so early. Also disappointed to see Portugl get beaten by France and Germany.

Well I'm glad Italy won though, they were playin better and they didnt relive their horrors of the 1994 World Cup where they lost on Penalties to Brazil. And it makes us (Australia) look better as we lost to the eventual champions in controversial style.Oh well 4yrs to catch up on the sleep I missed (the games were played from 12am-5am in the morning here).
That was a great final! Isabella I agree with you. I think that if Zidane had still been playing at the end France would have won the Penalties. Without Henry, Vieira, Ribery or Zidane, France had no chance. Apparantly from what I've read and heard, The Italian team had been calling Zidane names and shouting at him through the whole match which is what annoyed him and then he had enough. But what I don't get is why did he smile at MaterazzI before walking up to him and head butting him in the chest? ???

This is what it says on AOL World Cup :

"Speculation is mounting worldwide as to what exactly was said by Marco MaterazzI for Zinedine Zidane to react in such an aggressive manner.

It has been claimed that France captain Zinedine Zidane was goaded into headbutting after being called a "terrorist", according to emerging reports.

Zidane was named the World Cup's best player, despite being sent off for a violent incident in the closing stages of Sunday's night World cup final.

MaterazzI was seen restraining the Frenchman in the run-up to the incident and while the Italian refused to comment after the match there has been speculation in French newspaper L'Equipe that he called Zidane "a terrorist"."

I didn't think it was fair that he wasn't allowed up to get his medal. I think that should have been allowed. Why did he end his carear in such a bad way? I just hope he doesn't get remembered for this, but for his greatfootball. :-\

I don't watch allot of soccer or know to much about it. But I know that, the head but incident was unfortunate, and the only thing I will remember zidane for is that Head but. and beckham for that great free kick that he scored on. At lease Zidane won the Golden Ball hopfully people will remember him for that.
I will remember Zidane for how great a player he was. If MaterazzI said something truly offensive to Zidane, and maybe it was something really that hurt him, then no wonder Zidane responded this way. Yes, I was shocked at what Zidane did because he walked off the field when they most needed him, but maybe the Italian player deserved what he got for his sharp mouth. Maybe he wanted to provoke Zidane on purpose, but he knew he couldn't do that by force, so he used words. Provoke him on purpose so that Zidane would get a red card and this way it would be easier for Italians to win. Zidane never misses penalty kicks. Think about it: it was the run for the world's championship. These players would do ANYTHING to win, including provoking the opponent team's best players into getting a red card. And Italian players NO DOUBT were aware of how good Zidane is. Could it then be a "coincidence" that MaterazzI talked dirty to Zidane, who happens to be one of the world's best players? .... I highly doubt it and I am sure it was well-meant and on purpose. Winning World Cup by sending the opponent team's best player off the field by provoking him ... is not really a fair victory, if it is a victory at all.

J-Man, I agree, Australian team was quite good. I saw the game Italy vs. Australia. I thought Australia played much better than Italy then, and they deserved to win that match. One of the Italian players fell on the ground pretending that he was "terribly hurt" on purpose (again) to get a penalty kick. It was 0 : 0 all the game, and a "last-minute" "foul" by Australia was on purpose, just like getting rid of Zidane was. Too many "coincidences" with the Italian team. I don't think they play fair AT ALL! And that makes their victory undeserved after all. They lack ethics and professionalism. An ethical team will never pretend they're hurt when in fact they're not, they'll never cut the legs of an opponent on purpose, and they'll never get rid of opponents on purpose so that the victory is easier - all of which Italy unfortunately did during this Wolrd Cup.

P.S. Before the games got to quarterfinals and semifinals, I thought the most likely teams to win were Brazil, Portugal, Germany, and Argentina. Instead, only Germany went as far as to get a 3rd place, and Brazil didn't even qualify for semifinals. I would have never predicted that France and Italy would be the finalists.
Unless the French or Italian players will reveal the information to the media ... we may never know what MaterazzI said to Zidane. Of course, I hope we'll be able to find out.
Hmm ... but Zidane should really NOT have acted this way ... no matter how much they provoked him. If he hadn't done that, the French would have won. I don't know what to think anymore. Without Zidane, Henry, and Ribery during the penalty kicks ... France didn't have much to hope for. I am 99% sure if these 3 players were allowed to kick, France would have won. But Italy won ... and well, congratulations to them in that case. Not everyone can win, so there we go.
I saI dthe same about Zidane, Henry, and Ribery. If they would have taken a penalty kick they would have won. I hope we can find out what was said. I read in the paper today that some of Zidane's team mates said that Zidane will reveal what was said but only when he has calmed down. But when will that be? : It could be ages. We may never find out. :-\

I herd today that the Italian player called Zidane a terrorist. but does still does not justify the head but.
Joe, I agree. No matter how much verbally abused Zidane was by the Italian players, he should have not behaved this way. I know he was angry and upset, but before he hit Materazzi, he should have paused and thought to himself "This is the final game of World Cup ... let me just ignore the remarks and last to the end." He should have simply ignored what MaterazzI said and play on. But because of what he did he jeopardized the chance for victory. It's sad what he did. But he is a good player nevertheless. And if he REALLY wanted to hit MaterazzI so much, he should have waited until the game is over! LOL

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