Wood from garden info please

Discussion in 'DIY - Do It Yourself' started by ray488, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. ray488Valued MemberMember

    Hi iv found a nice bit of would for my tank but it's to big to boil and it has a bit of rot on it any tips on getting ready for the tank

  2. cichlidmanWell Known MemberMember

    with wood to big to boil i place it in my sink or tub and pour boiling water on it until there is enough to cover it. Sometimes i do this 3-4 times just depending on the peice
  3. junebugFishlore LegendMember

    Sandblast it :) Or sand the rotten bits out by hand.
  4. ray488Valued MemberMember

    Do I have to keep going until all the yellow stuff as gone or till it ant as bad
  5. Joshstevens7New MemberMember

    I just bought some driftwood for local lfs and it's too big to boil. I heard to just soak it in a bucket of conditioned water for like 3 days and change the water out every day to get rid of dye water. Is this ok to do it this way?

    Josh Stevens
  6. MamajinWell Known MemberMember

    Cichlidman has the right idea, since you cannot boil it on the stove. The whole point of boiling is to kill any fungus or bacteria living on or inside of the wood before it goes into your tank.

    Then you would cure it by soaking it in dechlorinated water for a week or two. Changing out the water every day or ever other day should lessen the amount of tannins released from the wood.
  7. Joshstevens7New MemberMember

    I first soaked mine in declorinated water for a few days changing out water every day. Then I boiled it for a few hours and then put it in a bucket to soak a few more days. I think soaking it first will get water throughout the whole wood then boiling it will get the water already soaked in the wood hot and kill everything better. What you think of this idea?

    Josh Stevens
  8. NCE12940Well Known MemberMember

    That procedure worked for me with 4 pieces of wood so far.

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