Won’t stop glass surfing


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Hello fellow fish lovers!
I have a male Betta that I’ve had for about3 weeks now and he won’t stop glass surfing. He was in my 29 gallon community tank and he got along okay with the fish but wouldn’t stop glass surfing so I thought maybe he’s stressed from the other fish and just not right for a community tank. I removed him from the community tank and put him in his own 5 gallon tank 2 days ago and he’s still glass surfing and he dose it all day long non-stop. When I go over to the tank he will stop but he is always breathing like he’s out of breath I guess. I’ve had many bettas before but have only had this problem once and it was because he was bored. I’m not sure what else to do to help him so any advice would be appreciated!


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Did you test your ? It's important. Have you done the nitrogen cycle to have your beneficial bacteria? If not, I suggest you Nutrafin Cycle. What conditioner and other additives have you used?

I always use tannins and tourmaline balls to make my betta comfortable and make the water better for him.

Vacuuming the water around once a week and changing is water often is also a must.

You can also add an air pump or live plant to oxygenate the water sees if it helps.

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