Wondering why everyone seems to like bettas so much

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I was wondering why everyone seems to like bettas so much they aren't community fish and I would rather have a colourful community tank rather than a single fish in a ten gallon so why do you like them so much? stupid question I know
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Bettas are raised in such a different way than most fish. If you notice in the fish stores when you see Bettas they are kept in small cups by themselves and do not associate with other fish. This is for 2 reasons. First, the males will kill each other or other fish that they confuse as other bettas if they are put together. The second is that they really are not sure that other fish are allowed to be in "their" water. You see ever since they were sexed and found to be male they have been in little containers by themselves. They have NEVER been with other fish and do not know how to react to them or how to "play nice" or really how to react to being nipped and chased and attacked. It is not fair to put them into a community tank and expect them to acclimate like say a neon tetra or a platy or a swordtail who have been used to having others around en mass since birth. Now for the really endearing part. Bettas have LOADS of PERSONALITY!! They really relate much more to their human owners than to other fish. They get to know us and react to us with love (or anger if we upset them - but they get over it as it is really more of a pout) They eat out of our hands and have definite likes and dislikes and can communicate them quite plainly. They actually are some of the few ( I am not saying the only) fish that react in a very human way with their owners. We have relationships with them very like with children. There are times when they need some very mild discipline. (tapping on the glass to redirect their attention - and they do know what that means and they know that there are consequences for doing something truly bad) They learn from being in trouble or being chastised or ignored when they are trying to "teach us a lesson". (and they do that often) They signal us in subtle little ways when they do not feel well and they show appreciation when they feel better.

How are those for some reasons. Now I am not saying those are the only reasons or that Bettas are the only fish that have some of these characteristics but Bettas are the only ones that I know of that have them all. If anyone disagrees with me or has more to add please feel free to do so. I have been accused of treating my babies as my children many times and will freely admit to being very close to them but I make no apologies for this. They are lovely little companions and I am pleased and proud to have them in my life.

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at the fish store I work at during my summer where I mange it because no one else wants to in the summer gardening season because it is in a garden center I refuse to stock the betta boxes let alone keep our fish in them I put them in tanks with plecos or corydoras or with females just so everyone knows not all fish stores treat betta cruelly
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good for you! I am proud of you for hearing this. You are very lucky however to be able to keep the females in with the males. This is a rather dangerous practice as they should never be together unless they are prepared to mate and then they must be seperated immediately afterward or there may be injuries on one or both sides. But I am very proud that you take a stand to make the Bettas lives a bit better.

Thank you.

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I have 4 tanks and my favorite is by far my Betta in his 5 gallon with Sammy, the snail. The beauty of the movement of the Betta's is very soothing and appealing to me. I can watch a Betta and feel a sense of peace. I have 2 other community tanks that I enjoy watching for the schooling and antics of the fish and a cichlid tank that is very interesting as the 2 females are constantly striving to dominate the other. I guess it's all in personal choice, however, I just love my Betta!
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Bettas don't have to be the only fish in that 10 gallon tank! They do well with cory cats and neon tetras. I've had them (males and females at different times) in community tanks, and they seem to really like being in a tank with other fish. You just have to be careful with what fish you put them in that tank with. Nippers usually find their long fins irresistable, so tiger barbs or danios would probably not be the best choices.
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well...I'd love to agree and sometimes it is true, I've had one betta and so has Gammerus that got along well with other community tank fish. However my current betta barely tolerates the corys in 'his' tank and will sometimes attack them just for swimming up too high. He seems to really hate that, when they are exploring the upper reaches of the plants, which is an area he likes to swim through.

Bettas are as Rose says very engaging fish, interesting in personality and they can be taught tricks, taught to recognize things, and are very intelligent overall. Rusty will respond to a gentle tap on the glass by rushing over to see what I've got for him, for instance.
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I got my first betta precisely because I could keep him in a somewhat smaller tank and he would do best kept alone.
I got my second and third bettas because my first was so pretty and friendly that I wanted more. (Kiakias had the most personality of any fish I've ever met. :'( RIP K-k! )
I got my fourth betta because HE was so pretty (but he was a spaz and not really friendly. He also hated cameras).
I got my fifth betta because I wanted a female.
I got my sixth betta because she was too pretty to be a Wal-Mart fish (I can't save them all, but Deisy tugged on me until I gave in and bought her).
I got my seventh betta because... uh... because I was going to buy a few guppies... and I came home with a betta.
In short, I love bettas because they are bettas. They are colorful little fish with tons of personality; They are easy to tell apart (if you have seven fish of exactly the same shape, size, and color, how do you get to know each individual!?), they are beautiful, they have tons of personality, they are colorful...
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In short they are like our children. There are no two alike and there are no two that we love in the same way and there are no two that can be treated in the exact same way. But the same general rules apply in raising them. They need the same type of rules and regulations to remain happy and healthy and they are (I believe) happiest in the environment that they understand, in a tank where they are not surrounded by a large number of fish and they can be the center of attraction. They may tolerate some small and very quiet and peaceable fishes about them, but they will never be able or willing to handle a bustle of activity well. Besides the best bettas need attention and playing with and interaction with their humans, and that is very difficult to do when you have a community tank with many fishes in there. They get lost in the crowd. The others all come to the top to get fed and the betta becomes only one of the crowd. He needs his private quality time to be happy. (and to develop that lovely personality to its fullest - just ask most of the devoted betta owners.) They just beg to be loved and it is not hard at all.

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Well said Rose!
Out of the whole world, the Siamese fighting Fish seems to be the MOST BEAUTIFUL and sometimes Misunderstood fish there is! Their character is one of no one else, and what's betta (ha ha ha) is that they are spunky, and easy to keep! They can't keep up with fast moving Neons, but are compatible with slow, plain fish or other sea creatures. I think the only way to see their true beauty is to keep them alone, where they are the happiest.


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