10 Gallon Tank wondering what siz heater i should get for a ten gallon tank with one beta fish.

hi, I just got an aquarium kit today that came with a 10 gallon tank, lid with led light, and a filtration system. i'm trying to get everything I need together before I bring home a fish. I want to get one betta fish, and I am confused about what size heater I should get for my tank. thanks for any help you can give
I think what your looking for is a 50 watt heater or smaller.. Not positive. Usually when you buy a heater on the package is shows a chart w/ what tank size it will support.

I'm sure someone will chime in with a better response

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Mine is 25 watts.

The trick is to find one that you can set to any temperature you want.

Quite a few of the low watts thermometers say they are for Betta tanks. They have preset temperature, they will either go 4-10 degrees above your room temperature, or they will be preset to 82F and hold it forever. Those are not very useful when you need them most.
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A 50 watt heater is enough for a 10 gallon, get one that you can adjust the temperature as I've found preset ones tend not to stay at the preset temperature.
Also when putting it in the tank have it on a a slight angle & near the filter outlet as that helps distribute the warmed water round the tank.
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thanks for all your helpful responses

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