Wondering what other people use to save fry?

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HI wondering what other people use to save fry?
I have tried breeder boxes and nets not really fond of either one.
lots of plants?
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I would recommend what gourami88 did...
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I have set up 2 other tanks for my fry.

I have a 10 Gallon for the bigger fry and a 3 Gallon for new borns.

I use a small glass to scoop them out of my main tank and into the 3 Gallon.

Hope this has sort of helped
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think I am going to try a ten gallon loaded with plants
will put the female in there when I think she is going to have babies
will use a sponge filter so the babies don't get sucked up
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After my Jeweled Cichlids spawned I created a 5 gallon tank with water, rocks, filter etc from my main tank. Since the female gave birth in my main tank I used my siphon to suck out the babies. It took a few attempts and I ended up with about 95% of the fry. She actually helped me by gathering the babies after I disturbed them each time. It took some time to siphon them out into a bucket and then scoop them up with a cup but it was the safest way to transport them.

I would advise using sand in your fry tank because my fry were small enough to work themselves down into the gravel. Once I placed them into the tank they were very unorganized and I feared they would not be easy to feed. I placed the mother in the tank for a day and she gathered them and placed them near the base of the plant for feeding.
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I recently upgraded my nursery tanks and now have several 10 gallon nursery tanks.

With my protective egg layers (AgassizI dwarf cichlids) I usually wait until the eggs hatch and then use a turkey baster to suck them out and put them in the nursery tank (filled with tank water and I always move over a filter-i've always got 2 filters on my tanks for this reason). About every 3rd batch or so I'll let them raise them. They actually do a pretty good job.

With non-protective egg layers, my cories for example, I have to be actively watching them when they spawn (since the little stinks will turn right around and eat their own eggs after they lay them) and when she lays the adhesive eggs on the glass (usually) I shew her and the others away and will VERY gently roll them off the glass with my fingers and put them in the nursery tank to hatch. I've heard of people using a razor blade to remove the eggs from the glass but I always damaged way more eggs than I saved doing this, where as I haven't damaged one by just using my fingers and i've had a LOT of babies hatch and grow up. For egg scatterers you would just gather up the eggs and move them to a nursery tank.

With livebearers I just watch the female very closely and when she looks like she is within a couple days of giving birth I will move her to the nursery tank and wait until she gives birth. I will say that for this to work without the mother eating the babies you need to make sure she gets plenty of food and isn't hungry.

I will also say that all my nursery tanks have sand on the bottom and are planted rather heavily. I've found that I get more babies to survive and they do actually grow faster than in a bare-bottom tank (seen this many times first hand).

Even when moving eggs (but of course when moving fry or pregnant mothers) I ALWAYS use water from the tank I am moving them from so the PH, etc. is all the same to avoid shocking them.
Tracys Malawi Cichlids
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Hello. I've worked with saving fry. I would reccomend first doing some research on the fishes natural habitat. You want to immitate their environment as much as possible. Depending on the species they could have both parents raising the fry. Also If you have any other fish in their tank, it could cause them to eat the babies (Stress). You want to feed the mother too. What type of fish do you have?

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