Wondering If This Would Hurt Cycle Help

  1. Cander

    Cander Valued Member Member

    So I’ve a 30 gallon they has a hang on the back filter and it’s time for the cartridge to be changed... so I want to add a new cartridge and keep the old one in so It seeds the new one. But in the place where I would put the new cartridge theses another container think I’m not sure what it’s. I’ll post pictures. But if I remove this other container thing would I hurt my cycle 3ea1836f50c456497a5e54cde770f9ae.jpg

    There is nothing inside it
  2. Buganjimo

    Buganjimo Well Known Member Member

    I think *maybe* that would be the mechanical filtration? Like to get big chucks of stuff out? I dunno honestly, it’s probably fine cause you have other media that has bb on it.

    Can I ask why you’re switching your media out though?
  3. OP

    Cander Valued Member Member

    I need to switch out the filter cartridges out but I can’t remove the old one because there’s a lot of B.B. on it. So I wanted to remove what you see in the picture and put a new filter cartridge so the new one would be seeded with B.B.

    If I don’t make sense I’m sorry
  4. GreekGills

    GreekGills Valued Member Member

    I have the same type biowheel filter. That cartridge is for media, to house your bb. I have the foam cartridge in the back to filter out the junk, and that one(full of media) in the front.

    I would leave that in and add media to it. Fluval makes these cylindrical shaped ceramic media that fits perfect
  5. a

    angelfishguppie Valued Member Member

    I have foam in that type cartridge (the blue and white stuff, cut to fit). My media is in zip mesh bags I just drop in.

    My point in bringing this up is that the cartridge could hold the old stuff while the new one is put in place to be seeded.

    However, it isn't clear to me why the old one needs to be replaced. Understanding this may help get better advice to the OP.
  6. Buganjimo

    Buganjimo Well Known Member Member

    If you’re replacing it just cause the package says to, you don’t actually have to replace them, it’s just to make more money. The only time you really need to replace them is when they are falling apart.