Wondering about red finned sharks and red tailed sharks

King Dojo

I was wondering if red finned sharks and red tailed sharks are closely related because I know that red finned sharks are aggressive to there own species and I bought a red tailed shark and the red finned shark would not stop hurrassing it.


I think they are the same species.


It's been a while since we kept sharks in our tanks due to their aggressive behavior to each other and even other species, but if by red finned sharks you mean the ones that have pale orange bodies with red fins, then yes, they along with most other species of freshwater sharks are extremely territorial.. the red tail sharks though, from my experience with them, are the most aggressive and so are not well suited for community tanks, especially when they mature.



From my experience they are fine together, usually get 3 or in lot's of uneven number's, so the weaker sharks can share the abuse around, sounds silly, but works.

When you say red finned shark, do you mean rainbows sharks ? black-pale body with red finns ? Because they aren't related, they're close in apprearance but there are differences. Rainbows are bigger, but more slender, red tails are more built/robust but not as long. They will always fight with each other, only normal. They shouldn't kill if you get them in 3's.

Just a warning, if you get a black shark, get him small keep him small. Or don't get one, he will probably kill.

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