Wonder Shells?

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    Hi all....I just had some general questions about these wonder shells. I have been having shimmy issues with one on my molly fish (in a community tank with tetras, cory, pleco, gourami, danio, mystery snail), and he keeps sliming up...so I read that wonder shells would help equalize the soft water for him, and maybe help him out with redox stress. Without making water too hard for my other fishies...as they are said only to dissolve as needed.

    -will wonder shell really help him to work out his shimmies?
    -Is it safe for my other critters mentioned above?
    -Is it ok to crumble it?
    -Is it ok if my molly wants to eat it or hover near it (I'm assuming that meant he needed the minerals)?
    -Will wonder shell harm danio fry? I just found about 75 and trying to keep them in-tank, in a breeder for now...momma panics if I remove them, and starts being aggressive. Plus she thought the water was ideal for them...might as well keep them in it ALAP.
    -Can you "underdose"? Like, is there a minimum amount required, or is it just ok to add a tiny bit for the molly? Do I need to use at least a 1/4 dose to help, I mean?
    -Could I possible place a piece in a vented cave to create kind of a molly spa? >.<
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