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  1. Je55*e Well Known Member Member

    The other day I noticed my Otocinclus had a small whitish, puffy spot on his side. I think it is a fungus (columnaris).

    Pictures (sorry for the quality--I only have my cell phone to take pictures):



    Earlier tonight, I set up a 3g with heater, filter, air stone and no gravel to put him in tomorrow (waiting for heater to get the temp. up). I put a used cartridge from my 6g in the filter and filled it with 2g of water from the Otto's aquarium and 1g of new water treated with conditioner and Garlic Guard.

    I also bought Maracyn by Mardel to treat him with. I've never used this before; would it be ok to put a whole packet into the 3g? The instructions don't say.

    I'd really appreciate your help!!!
  2. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I'm sorry your oto is ill.
    If I recall, doesn't 1 packet treat 10g?
    If that's correct, IMO, that would be too much medication to add to a 3g.
  3. Je55*e Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for replying, Lucy. I didn't see that on the box, but I trust you! :p So I'll add a little less than 1/3. I should just dump that in the water after he gets comfortable, then?
  4. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I just pulled the box out. One packet does treat 10g's.
    I stink at math, so I can't advise how to divide a packet up for a 3g.
  5. Je55*e Well Known Member Member

    When I worry I tend not to see things in front of my face. >< I'm not so good at math either, but I'll use less than I think I have to, to be safe.
  6. Kivstev Member Member

    Maracyn is usually ineffective against Columnaris if that is what the fish has (the package says different but I disagree since Columnaris is a gram negative bacteria and Maracyn treats gram positve.)

    Maracyn 2 (minocycline), Kanamycin, or Furan 2 are usually more effective antibiotics for this, as are salt baths.

    If the fish doesn't improve within four of five days I'd switch meds or tactics.

    Can you get a better picture?
  7. Je55*e Well Known Member Member

    My phone is not the best at taking clear pictures. =/ The spot is white, puffy and 'fuzzy-looking'. What does that sound like to you?

    Thanks for replying!
  8. Kivstev Member Member

    Here's my rainbow with Columnaris. Not the best pic either since I didn't have my current dig cam at the time.

    Rainbow 03.jpg
  9. Je55*e Well Known Member Member

    From what I can see, my guy's spot looks 'fuzzier'. I hope that makes sense. Would the Maracyn 2 help with most any fungus?
  10. Kivstev Member Member

    No Maracyn 2 is not a cure all. Sometimes Columnaris can appear fuzzier than what the picture shows, however.

    90% of the time a 'fungus' on an aquarium fish is going to be Columnaris.

    Feel like doing some reading? Good! ;) This will help you determine whether it's Columnaris or fungus and help you weigh your options. Good luck.

  11. Je55*e Well Known Member Member

    I'm pretty sure (from having read up on columnaris last night) that it is columnaris. So, I'm going to switch the Maracyn to Maracyn 2 today! Thank you for your help!