Wish to culture earthworms, have no experience

  1. ricmcc

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    I would like to culture earthworms, and have read about it on several sites that wish to sell me starter colonies, and therefore would be likely to downplay any downside. So I am hoping to hear from anyone with any experience in this, whether it be for fish food, or simply composting to produce great garden soil.
    The upside for me is that I can be assured of worms that are chemical free, where the ones bought at a tackle shop are normally collected from golf courses or Municipal parks (here, anyway), both of which receive heavy doses of both pesticides and herbicides.
    I will be forced by climate to keep them in my basement, so my survival basically depends upon whether or not the culture would have a strong odour, in that my wife's culture (female) demands that she kill me if they do smell strongly.
    Sorry to place such a burden on anyone answering this, but on the bright side, I am well insured.
    Many thanks for any advise, rick
  2. AmazonPassion

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    As a gardener, I have my own colonies or multiple in my raise beds. I do nothing special but dig a hole and bury them.

    My neighbor has a worm bed and she feeds them with vegetable scraps occasionally and place the bin in the shade so that the worms don't cook. You can also try finding them nurseries and it should be labeled in the packaging if they are organically grown.
  3. hampalong

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    Read up on composting wormeries. One will be fine in a basement, and they don't smell (unlessyou overfeed it with veg matter, which will rot before they can eat it).

    Composting worms are best as they actually eat plant material that has begun to rot. There are a few of these worms in soil naturally. Earthworms won't work in a composting wormery, as they eat soil, not plant material, and they like to live a lot deeper.