Wish I would have taken a picture...Purple Goldfish?

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    It happens. I don't really know much about it but I seen it lol. Goldfishnet had this crazy looking ranchu. He had a chocolate body but he scales were matte and a very medium brown like a mocha latte kind of. And his wen was actually lavender. He was sold for like $300 I think.

    Check out the lavender ranchu on the bottom of this link. I would love him in my tank. There are some crazy calicos on this site too. Drool.


    I saw a photo of a show quality ryukin on GFK whose markings were so bright, well-defined and specifically placed that it looks like someone had painted him to look like Ronald McDonald. It was actually kind of...uncomfortable. I don't like clowns lol.
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    A color enhancer will bring out great colors from the fish, but if you don't feed them the same it will go away ....
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    Aren't color enhancers primarily beta carotene to draw vibrant reds/oranges? I'm pretty sure the color enhancer in my NLS pellets are "staining" my oranda a bit. Are there other pigments in there? Obviously some it's genetics but what draws out the cooler tones, if anything? I know both brown and lavender both have reds in them but I would think that it might eventually tip the scale in favor of the red tones.
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    They may be depending on what you are looking at. Enhaners can only build on the genetic makeup but it will change a color to "purple " and then the result may have to deal with reproduction of your fish. This has been used for years and causes a lot of lost money for them who buy them.
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    i could believe they are naturally purple ive seen a purple feeder before. ive also seen pure sky blue gold fish before it wouldnt suprize me a bit.
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    @ lollipopkiller I have seen them too. My point is that enhancers bring out a color of any fish that has a genetic disposition to magnify it. They will lose the color if you don't keep feeding them the same stuff. Have you ever bought a fish that changed color a few weeks into it? Thanks for the post !
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    Some Goldfish are super adorable! after looking at that link @poeticinjustice posted I totally kind of want one. I will have a free 30 gal soon, but would that be pushing it? I'll just admire the ones all of you have on here :)
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    @ poeticinjustices you raised a good question about enhancers. It really depends on what color you are trying to derive at. There are 3 main enhancers that are used, but yes beta carotene is probably the best known for reds/oranges. I don't know what you mean by " NLS pellets". Can you please share a link so I know what food you are speaking about?
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    NLS is just New Life Spectrum, it's a fairly commonly used food brand. They make all kinds, I've used both the 3mm Goldfish pellets and am currently using the 1mm Thera A pellets. Both claim to have color enhancers. Granted, I haven't investigated into the pigment enhancer ingredients as it isn't really a priority for me, I figure I will feed them well and they'll become what they become, but I am curious to know about it.
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    Can you start a " fish food" link ? LOL :) Just saying this should not appear in the " beginners link " but that is only my humble opinion
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    This is is the Goldfish forum, where it belongs given the original post.
    It kind of went off topic from there.
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    Sorry we went sort of off topic :(

    Goldfish are fantastic fish, especially if you know what you're getting yourself into. According to the stocking rule, 30g would fit a pair of fancy goldfish. Depending on the fish, you might find it a little tight eventually, the bigger the tank the more wiggle room you'll have, you know? Like putting 2 fish in a 30g is not quite the same as 5 fish in a 60g, even though both are in accordance with the stocking rule :)

    My philosophy, for what little time I've been doing this, is that with goldfish, you should just always be open to the possibility of needing an upgrade. Sometimes they just surprise you :) BUT, I'm loving all the goldfish love around here lately, so I say...get you a goldie :p