Winnipeg Fish Forum Disappears Into A Cloud Of 1's & 0's?

Discussion in 'Canada Aquarium Clubs' started by Arthur Malloy, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Arthur MalloyNew MemberMember


    Anyone know what happened to the Winnipeg Fish Forum?

    It's been awhile, moved back to Winnipeg and I'm looking for a couple Koi, so attempted to login, but...I was redirected to some kinda spammy/gambling links. Do they have a new site? Were they hacked by China/Russia/4chan? Did someone forget to renew the domain name? How on Earth will I be able to get my fishfreak on without a proper local hobbiest forum?

    Nobody here knows about Craigslist (everyone seems to think it's a sex site and nothing else) and, frankly, KJJII sucks so I won't even bother wading through their .



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