Wimpy Betta Lol

  1. Kysarkel000

    Kysarkel000 Well Known Member Member

    So I rescued a betta from the store a while back. He had extream swimbladder issues and was going to be frozen. He's still effected by it today, but I think he's as healed as he's gonna get.. maybe with time he'll get a little more better..

    Anyways, he's in a 10g all on his own. He's a super weak swimmer (double rosetail) and kinda just flops around so I decided to add a small school of harlequin rasboras to keep the tank busy. Well, he didn't like that at first and tried to chase them all away... But he can't swim super fast haha poor guy he tries so hard, but the rasboras just dart away to the other side of the tank lol it's good for him tho.. gives him exercise and hopefully it'll make him a better swimmer and keep him interested in life.

    He's been pouting in the plants lol poor guy MVIMG_20180527_133134.jpg
  2. FishL:))

    FishL:)) Well Known Member Member

    Beautiful Betta!!!

    Make sure the other fish aren't stressing him out ( even though they are swimming away)
  3. OP

    Kysarkel000 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, I was worried about it and about the rasboras nipping his fins, but it all seems good so far. Thanks for the reminder!