Will Using Api Qs Or Tss Continue The Tank Cycling After Killing The Ammonia And Nitrite?

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    Yes. The ammonia and nitrite are rendered harmless to animals but are still available for the nitrifying bacteria to use.
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    make sure you wait atleast 24 hrs.

    "In regards to ammonia products, yes, they kill TSS. Any type, whether a
    chloramines remover or detoxifier, etc, anything that says it locks up
    ammonia or removes ammonia. Do not add TSS for 24 hours after using
    such a product, and do not add such a product for at least 7 days after
    using TSS. The bacteria is housed in a special stabilized solution of
    ammonia, so if you remove/lock up the ammonia, you remove all of the
    food the bacteria require to live."
    Tetra SafeStart Q&A