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    curiousfish New Member Member

    Should I have angelfish in this tank?

    I have a 75g tank that I am in the process of stocking. I have always been a tetra kind of person, but was thinking I might want to branch out and try a different kind of fish. I was considering angelfish, but I have some concerns that I wanted to see if anyone could help me with.
    1. I have fairly soft water ( 4 drops GH but 9 drops KH), but the pH is between 8 and 8.5 (I don't have the most precise test kit right now). I have read that angelfish need acidic water for spawning. If I'm not interested in breeding an angelfish, will it be ok in a slightly elevated pH? Some of my tetras prefer a lower pH as well, but I was told by others on this forum that it was better to keep a consistent pH than try to lower it to an "acceptable" range. Does this apply for angelfish as well or are they more sensitive?
    2. I already have a small school of harlequin rasbora in the tank. Will angelfish cohabitate with these fish and maybe some cardinal or rummy-nose tetras?
    3. I don't have any live plants in the tank. I do have a variety of fake plants, but have not attempted to tackle live plants. I have read that angelfish like to have a planted tank. Should I focus on plants first before getting an angelfish?
    4. I am not interested in breeding angelfish I just want one as a companion pet so to say. Do I need to have them in a school like the tetras or are they solitary fish? Most of the things I'm reading about them is based on breeding them.

    Sorry this is so long. I really appreciate you reading through this to help me decide if my tank is a right fit for angelfish or not.
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    echi1 Well Known Member Member

    Angelfish can live with harlequin rasboras, cardinals and rummy nosed tetras, but add them first! Remember your angelfish might be different then the ones I've read about. You may have tetra eating angels... The tetras and rasboras have to be large enough that the angels can't eat them. Maybe getting smaller angels would work better. Recommended PH: 6 - 7.5 not so sure what to do about that... You might need a better test kit. You could use natural things in the water to lower the PH, like driftwood or peat. (I have never tried doing this...)‚Äč Remember your angels could end up not angels at all! :angelnot:
    Good luck and hope this helps!!
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    echi1 Well Known Member Member

    Oh I forgot for the plants angels do love them, but you need deep enough "media" for the roots and light you need to either get low light plants or have a good light and get high light plants.