Will This Stocking Work? Question

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by FishFish221, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. FishFish221Well Known MemberMember

    Tank size: 29 gallon
    Filtration: An aquaclear 50 and a hamburg matten filter.
    Current fish:
    4 corydoras aeneus
    6 platies

    Thinking about this stocking:
    3 platies
    2 fantail or ryukin goldfish
    Will this work?
  2. DutchAquariumWell Known MemberMember

    the corydoras won't work with the goldfish since the temp range is too different. The Goldfish will get way to big for that aquarium also. You should really have at least 6 corydoras also.
  3. FishFish221Well Known MemberMember

    This is why I am moving them to my other tanks. Wouldn't really say that corydoras need at least 6 to be healthy though, since I have had them for around a year without any heath problems. They also rarely shoal.
  4. FishFish221Well Known MemberMember

    Do you think 10-20 guppies plus the six platies will work well instead? (starting from 4-6, but letting them breed and then selling any extras)
  5. DutchAquariumWell Known MemberMember

    you could do the guppies, start with 10 because they will boom later. Your going to see more of a shoaling group at night and 6 is to give them their security.
  6. FishFish221Well Known MemberMember

    Guppies here are quite expensive (males are $4-5 each, and females are $3), so I think I'll just start with a few.

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