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  1. redlessi

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    I have 2 bolivian rams that I want to eventually take from the 35 and put into the 72. I have a driftwood cave that the cories currently love and I am wondering what will happen when I add the rams:;dk Should I get two more of these so everyone will have their own?? I dont want a big fight over the one that is already occupied by the cories:;dk If I get 2 more can I have 1 in the middle and 1 on each end without crowing the bottom of the tank too much???

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  2. bolivianbaby

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    Do they like caves in their current tank? If so, I'd say definitely add a few more hiding places. Mine prefer to hang out in the plants when they're not begging for attention, but every fish has their own personality.
  3. OP

    redlessi Well Known Member Member

    There are no caves in the other tank just some fake plants and a few pagodas adn bonsai tree.