Will they get along?

  1. orbelina Member Member

    Hello all back again with more questions lol....we are in the midst of upgrading to a much larger tank (currently have a 60l upgrading to a 180 l). At the moment we have two red honey gouramis and a gold honey in the community tank and three pearl gouramis in a separate 35l tank...
    We are wanting to put the three pearls into the large tank.. will they get along?? I really hope so but I can take the three pearls back to the lfs I got them from if I need to...also if they will be okay which should I put in the new tank first when its cycled...don't want any territory issues?
  2. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member


    Not sure exactly what you mean by red and yellow honey gouramis. The only type of Honey Gourami that I am familiar with is Trichogaster chuna. Each fish can have a different coloration but are really the same fish. Are you sure your 'red' honey gouramis are not Flame Dwarf Gouramis?

    Personally for your tank I would keep the three pearls and rehome the three honeys. The pearls would look much better in a bigger tank. I don't think that both types of gourami would do well together in the larger tank.
  3. orbelina Member Member

    Hi I just googled red honey gourami and it came up with the type you said which is what we have two of (we think a male and a female) and a much smaller yellow/gold version we think is female...:)
  4. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I would certainly give it a go, and would not expect there to be issues between them. They are both the most laid back and chill gouramis there are, so if you were going to do it, they would be the perfect candidates. They occupy different regions of the tank, too.

    I don't think it will matter which goes in first.
  5. orbelina Member Member

    Thank you jaysee that's what I had read so was hoping it would be possible...thankfully we picked nice placid gouramis so hopefully all should go well :D
  6. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Wait... the red honey is which one I mentioned? The Chuna or Flame Dwarf? I would actually say that you should try one or the other. That's because a 180liter is only around 48gallons. You could try it but I would be on the watch for any aggression between the Pearls and Honeys. Also if your red honeys are Flame Dwarfs then I wouldn't keep those. They can get pretty aggressive.
  7. orbelina Member Member

    The chuna sorry lol if it comes down to it it would be the pearls going back as me and my husband have become very attached to the other three...:)