Will these types of snails eat my plants?

  1. Rarotongan Member Member

    I have an Anubia, java fern and java moss.

    The snails I have that I am thinking of moving to this tank are blue mystery snails ( in my experience these don't seem to eat plants). I also have brown wild type mystery snails which I have never put with plants before. Also two types of apple snails, the first is the normal golden yellow with white flesh and the other is a more brownish yellow with light brown flesh.

    Does anyone have experience with these snails and plants? Thanks

    This is the normal apple snail

    This is the brownish yellow apple snail

    This is the brown mystery
  2. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    I have had mystery snails and none of them bothered my plants - but then again, I've always supplemented their diet of algae wafers, zucchini, squash and other veggies.
    I believe they WILL eat the dead plant matter though.....

    PS - what is the ph of your tank? Hard water? I would start them on veggies as well as maybe some other form of calcium. I can see cracks on the shell which means they may need more calcium.....
  3. Rarotongan Member Member

    Yeah I always feed them zucchini etc. what types of mysteries have you had with plants junne?
  4. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    You mean what colors? I've had Yellow, Blue, Black, Ivory, Purple, Magenta.
    My Yellow and Blue mated and had Yellow and Blue babies. The ones that survived ( they mostly got eaten by the fish when they were hatching ) were mostly yellow and a few blues. The others were strays I had gotten over the years. I no longer have any more though. My last one past away after living 2 + years.

    I now only keep Nerite snails. I have 12 nerites, 2 tigers, 2 zebras ( they are 2.5 yrs old ) and 4 bumblebee horned and the rest horned nerites.
  5. Rarotongan Member Member

    I see.... So you don't have any experience of keeping brown wild type mysteries or apple snails with plants?
  6. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Sorry, Apple snails ( Pomacea canaliculata ) DO eat plants, Mystery snails do not
  7. Rarotongan Member Member

    I have heard that brown mysteries will eat plants....
  8. blusshed Well Known Member Member

    I don't think that the color makes it a different type of snail? Just a different color...
    So, I would go with APPLE snails eat plants, MYSTERY snails do not.


    Good luck!
  9. Rarotongan Member Member

    Ok..... I will put all my blue mystery snails and brown mystery snails in the planted tank