Will these tetras school together?


I have a few questions...I'm getting a 10gal. tank and I was wondering how many tetras will be able to fit in there? I do not want the tank to be completely full and them jammed in there.

And I was wondering if these fish would school together. (I'm planning on having a school of different kind of tetras)

So I was planning on getting 6 or so neon tetras and maybe 2 glowlight tetras and 2 silver tip tetras? I know that the neon tetras school together and you have to have atleast 6 of the same kind..but I don't know if glowlight tetras and silver tip tetras have to have 6+ of the same breed. Also, I think this may be a little too much fish to crowd in a 10gal. tank...

If that's too much, can someone please give me some combinations of different fish (or shrimp, snails, etc.) that would go along together, without letting it be too crowded!

EDIT: I know the neons grow to be around 1"-1.5" but I have no idea how big the glowlight & silver tip tetres grow to be. (I heard that if they are close to the same size, they school together better.)



10 gallons is really pretty small. I wouldn't do more than a school of maybe 6 neons and a couple of otos or a mystery snail.

Each tetra species requires a minimum of 6 each. Different species of tetras will not school together.


I'll most likely stick to the 6 neons and maybe a few otos. I am no expert on fish, but do you have any idea how big the otos grow to be?


All tetras are schooling fish, so they need to be with 5+ of their own kind in order to feel safe. So, two glowlights and two silvertips wouldn't feel comfortable in your tank by themselves. You'd have to have at least five of each. Which would WAY overstock you in a 10gal. Glowlight tetras get to be about 2", as do silvertips. You think 1/2" isn't that big of a deal, but in the fish world, it is. I had black neons and glowlights in the same tank...they're similar in size and shape, but would completely ignore each other unless they got into a "turf war".

How about a pair of sparkling gouramis and your neons?

I have a friend who has a female betta, a school of gold tetras (similar to neons, but stay WAY smaller...she also has a lone neon, but that's a VERY long story and I wouldn't recommend it, even though it works for her) and three panda cories in her 10gal. It's a cute, active tank.

Otos max out at around 2", but they have a really light bioload. I would be careful with them unless you have a mature tank (meaning it's been established for longer than 6 months and not prone to swings in ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels) and copious amounts of algae. All otos are wild-caught and most don't take readily to prepared foods like algae wafers. Some people have gotten them to eat blanched veggies, but none that I've had will even look at them. If you don't have a constant supply of soft green algae or diatoms, the otos will starve. It's also recommended that they be in groups of three or more, as they are a schooling fish.


The reason I'm getting more neons is because the current one I have now needs some friends! The tetra I have right now is very tiny & I'm pretty sure its close to adult size! Its about 1" & is orange...May be a gold tetra!! Sorry for so many questions, but any idea what kind of tank she has? I heard the panda cories grow kind of big or maybe I'm just getting mixed up with a different fish!


Caroline, instead of us listing the stats for different fish species, it would be far easier (and a lot more enjoyable and enlightening for you) if you just go to the main Fishlore page (https://www.fishlore.com) and browse through the fish that are listed on the right hand side of the window. Mike's done a really fantastic job of profiling many different species.

Another good resource is They list some tetras that aren't included here.

Edit: I hope I didn't read snippy! Just trying to make your fish-keeping experience more interesting I loved reading up on all of the different species for my future tank.

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