Will The Carbon In Filter Cartridges Leach Overtime?

Bruxes and Bubbles

I want to see if we can get to the bottom of this. Argue or case for it leaching or against it leaching.
Personal experience, documents, etc.

This does not include carbon used to remove medications from the water.


I'm voting for no. I haven't seen any evidence of this and I use the same cartridges with the same carbon for up to a year at a time with no issues.


From what I understand no. The pores in the carbon get saturated eventually and so it stops being effective after two or three months, but there doesn't seem to be any evidence that the chemicals it absorbed will go anywhere afterward.

Let's hope not anyway, because I haven't changed the one in my fridge in like two years.


Activated carbon will only let go of what it's absorbed by adding energy to drive it out. There are companies that can do this for industry but it's expensive and only worth doing for a massive volume. I've read of being able to do it on a small scale at home but it's only partially effective and, again, requires a lot of energy. Carbon doesn't like to let go of what it's absorbed.

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