Will sibling dalmation mollies have babies together?

  1. c

    cindys New Member Member

    I brought a dalmation molly home and three days later she had a bunch of babies. THey are growing and I'm going to get a bigger tank - I am wondering if the babies will have more babies with each other??? I'm hoping not - I don't mind having this many fish but I really don't want thousands of dalmation mollies!
  2. G

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Yep. They don't care who the other fish in the tank are, they will breed with any of their own species.
  3. Butterfly

    Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Yes they sure will. They won't know they are siblings when they get mature.Maybe you could seperate the sexes and prevent an explosion that way.
  4. armadillo

    armadillo Fishlore VIP Member

    Yep, incest doesn't seem to bother them one bit. I'd be careful after a while or you'll end up with severe inbreeding.