Will Rcs + Crs Crossbreed????????

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    Hi folks I have been breeding tropicals for 40 years cories the last 10+ or so mainly. I set up 2 29 gal h and 2 20 gal. h I am going to expand into shrimps. I already have blue and red cherry along with crystal red shrimp all in there own 10 gal. tanks. I know the blue will mix with the cherry I learned this by accident. LOL

    BUT Will the cherry cross with the crystal I think a tank with booth would be nice but I dont want hybrids well at least not yet. LOL

    I thank you ahead of time for your knowledge and time.
  2. ilikefish

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    No they won't. They are a different species so you can mix them together. There have been occasions that I thought my cherry and crystal crossed because my cherry had funny colours. But it turned out just to be a fluke cherry variation. Have fun breeding inverts! They are so fun and fascinating to watch! I'll be your first customer on some crs's : )
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    While reading this I just remember that my Blueberry shrimp had babies about a week or so because they are already about a 1/4" long already. hahaha Found them just looking at the moss the other night.
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    I thought so but wanted to be sure. Thanks I just ordered 50 CRS to split up amongst the tanks so I will put the cherries with the crystals tomorrow.