Will Peacock Gudgeons Be Compatible With Rams And These Other Fish?


40 gallon breeder tank, planted and with driftwood and rocks for shelter.

I will for sure have a Bolivian Ram, Honey Gourami, an Albino Bristlenose Catfish, 3 male Platies, a school of Harlequin Rasboras.
I am also going to get a shoal of either Corydoras Catfish or Emerald Catfish, and am considering adding a shoal of Cherry Barbs.

I'm particularly interested in whether the Peacock Gudgeons will be okay with the Ram. When I first got the Ram I saw him try to push Corycats away from the food - the Corycats were not impressed by his efforts and ignored him, and they've shared nicely ever since. But the Corycats are armored, after all.

Would Peacock Gudgeons get along with those fish alright? I'd probably get a couple of female Peacock Gudgeons, or a male and a female.

I'm planning to feed a variety of frozen invertebrates every other day, and use dried foods alternately. Would that be okay with the Peacock Gudgeons, or should they have frozen foods daily?

Any other info I should know about Peacock Gudgeons?


Giving this a bump up for you hope you get some responses today


Not sure if you ended up getting them or not, but the ones I had/have are very peaceful. I wouldn't worry about the gudgeon causing problems, I'd be more worried about the gourami or ram chasing the gudgeon as they are very curious and nosy and will follow fish around looking for their food like hyenas. In a 40 gallon planted tank I wouldn't worry, as long as they have hiding spots. They are quick little things so I think a few would be okay. I've only kept females so I'm unsure of aggression between multiple males, so I wouldn't get more than 2 males and maybe 3-4 females. They occupy most layers of the tank but mainly stick to the bottom 2/3rds. are very interesting and personable fish to watch in my opinion. They are good jumpers so make sure you have a good lid. My first gudgeon jumped out 2 times during a water change and met her demise by making it out of a 2 inch hole in my acrylic lid while I was at work. My second one never jumped before, but as a precaution I got a lid custom made for my tank to avoid another loss. They are on the picky side eating, mine have only ever accepted frozen/live worms although some people claim to have them trained on flake food I doubt it. Mine won't even eat frozen brine shrimp or daphnia. Lastly I cannot stress this enough...QUARANTINE WITH PRAZI. these fish in my experience are prone to flukes and other skin parasites, which made it into my display tank and gave me a 3 week fight with prazI and I still have fish occasionally flash in that tank. I can't really think about anything else to mention..very cool fish with great coloring and other than a few important notes pretty easy to keep fish.


I know this is an older thread but here is my experience with peacock gudgeons. I currently have 2 gudgeons, male and female. Tank is stocked with cherry barbs and black rasbora hets. The gudgeons were a little picky about food at first, I usually just feed flake food and at feeding time the barbs and rasboras would be at the top of the tank chowing down, the gudgeons however like to hang out near the bottom of the tank and seemed to miss out. They also didn't seem to be very observant when it came to feeding time, either missing pieces that did sink down below the feeding frenzy happening above, or reacting too slowly to eat it before another fish would dart in to steal it. However they did attempt to eat a few pieces of the flake but would immediately spit it out. I had read that they were picky eaters, and seeing as they had not gotten very much to eat over a few days I picked up some frozen blood worms which seemed to sink a little better and they did begin eating. They still had to compete with the much faster barbs and rasboras for the worms though. I would feed flake daily, then alternate blood worms every other day. Then my gudgeons disappeared. I looked EVERYWHERE in the tank and outside the tank as I was aware they might jump, could not find them anywhere. About 3- 4 days later they both reappeared, I'm assuming they found a place in my driftwood or rocks to try to spawn. After that period they seemed so hungry that they began eating the flake food with no problems. They did seemingly become more aggressive though, although I never witnessed the behavior, many of my barbs and rasboras had nipped fins, with both gudgeons fins still perfectly intact I assumed that they were the ones responsible. Aqadvisor had warned me that the gudgeons may become too aggressive for their tank mates when breeding and that absolutely seemed to be true. The fin nipping seems to have subsided though, fins are healing nicely, nobody seems too stressed. Gudgeons are much more observant now though and will swim up to the glass to look at me when I walk up to the tank, if I do anything with the lid they will swim to the surface with the other fish anticipating feeding time. Seems like a pretty smart fish, and while they may not prefer flake food, in my case they began to eat it once they were hungry enough. I still feed flake food daily and the gudgeons are right there everyday eating it at the surface like everyone else. I still feed frozen blood worms about twice per week but really just to help vary their diet not because they won't accept anything else.

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