Will My Rcs Breed In My Hard Water?

  1. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    My water is really hard. Like, it's probably small rocks coming out of the shower head instead of water droplets lol. I found a water report for 2017 online. Will my shrimp likely breed in my water? I couldn't see babies in my large rock substrate anyway so it's possible they have and I don't know but it worries me that maybe they won't be able to have babies :(

  2. Miaw Member Member

  3. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    Do you have a GH/KH test kit? According to water reports your KH isn't too high, it's about 7, your TDS is quite high at 600+, but there is no general hardness as far as I can tell.
  4. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    Kh reads seven on test kit and I put in drops until no more would fit in the tube and never got a green result for Gh.
  5. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    I see them molting like crazy but have yet to see any babies milling about so I was just curious if something was holding them back from breeding.
  6. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    That is kind of concerning ahaha... one thing you could do is fill up the tube only halfway to the line so that there's only 2.5 ml, and if you get it to turn green, multiply that number of drops by two. I haven't tried this but mathematically it should work?
  7. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    It's REALLY hard water lol. Definitely feel like I am wasting my test solution every time I try to use it so I have officially given up on testing my Gh. At least the Kh test worked xD
  8. 1billybob Member Member

    i moved from Las Vegas early this year.
    it's liquid rock there.
    i had like 23 dGH.
    they should be in 7-9 dGH.

    RO water. ;)
  9. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    I have never touched a test kit and I never will. Most shrimp are captive bred so are adapted to hard water. So they should breed.
  10. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    Thinking about using potassium in the softener and turning it on and doing small 10% changes for a few weeks until they are used to the water before doing larger changes. It should help I would think and we really need softer water in the house as well. It sucks showering in hard water all the time :/
  11. oOBlueOo Well Known Member Member

    I live on limestone and my water is also extremely hard. My rcs breed constantly.
  12. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    That makes me feel a bit better. I hope some of them berry up soon so I can stop stressing about it lol. It's possible some ARE berried as they look big but they are not at all transparent and keep standing on plants and driftwood so I can't see beneath them. It's like they are trying to give me a friggin heart attack from stress and impatience xD
  13. tjander Well Known Member Member

    Try using the 2.5 ml trick mentioned above or take a sample into your LFS. You also could try test strips they might give you an idea... don't believe people telling you they are not accurate.
    As far as your shrimp not breading, give it some time. Be patient....
  14. Kellye8498 Well Known Member Member

    Will do. Maybe the strips are more accurate on Kh and Gh. I will have to see if I can find any but I doubt they will read anything that hard